Islam Statement is Speculative?

Ironic Mystic?

Question five was on the main idea, the theme, of Patrick Henry's speech, and that of Bush Three, and I answered with letter B, that God is always on the side of those whose cause is just. Now, sixteen years later, I still hold to that foundation.

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But my 10th grade English Teacher, Catherine Bennett, on that Wednesday, during spirit week at our high school, on the 9th of October, 2002, a year after 9/11, marked my answer as wrong. The correct answer may have been letter A, that Britain treats its colonies harshly. Maybe letter C, that the colonists must fight for their freedom from Britain. However, they probably already knew that. Therefore, the best answer may be letter D, that the people of Virginia need leadership more than ever. I also got question eight wrong. You would be most likely to spurn a salary offer if you thought it was what? I wrote, letter A, fair. Wrong. So, is it B, much too low? Maybe not. I'm picking C, more than enough.

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Ignoring History?

I tried to compare Patrick Henry's call to war to a similar call to war by George Bush Jr, against Osama Bin Laden, against Islam, and the teacher said that, and I quote, "Joey, only some of this is pertinent and the rest is speculation and opinion."

Winning Side?

Want to read what the teacher thought was too speculative (keep reading)? I wrote that Bush was cautious in his speech because of the potential of more terrorist attacks that are yet to come, that he is still pretty strong, in order to encourage, motivate, the public, the Americans, that we have more protection now than before, which can delay and prevent terrorism from spreading too much and too quickly. God's people will prevail as they always do. When you are on God's side, you join in the inheritance, legacy, and destiny, hereinafter.


Henry's speech had more authenticity than that of Bush, more focus, as they knew who the enemy was, specifically, as it was more defined, as the people were more committed, more red-pilled at that time in history, two centuries ago. Terrorism is spread all around the world, it seems, and that can be tougher to put out like millions of smaller fires as opposed to one big fire. I wrote that maybe not all Muslims are terrorists but that there may be a lot more terrorists in places and countries like Pakistan. I wrote that the main nemesis, target, bad guy, main villain, is or was Osama Bin Laden, who was trained partly by America, by the CIA, by globalists.

Globalists Are Terrorists

Some people in the Middle East are Christians. Do we want to blow up those countries and kill innocent lives, Christians, and other potentially non-terrorists along with Muslims and terrorists and everything? Maybe not. Terrorists do hide in some of those countries. They have hideouts and stuff. I wrote that both Henry and Bush have an equal need to call for war but differ or vary in the execution of war. I ended my essay, as a seventeen year old sophomore in high school, that America "Will prevail for now till the time is right."

Expensive War on Terror

However, the war on terror has been costing many trillions of dollars these past two decades. Jihadism has been invading Europe for centuries.


That is very bad. Jihadism is a core doctrine, a fundamental pillar to Islamic faith. Jihadism has been infiltrating and invading the United States. In my article, I mention external terrorism, from Islam, for example, but I failed to acknowledge internal swamp terrorism.

Katie Dober

I sat next to Katie Dober who was in my English 10 class, block 2, and also in my Marketing Class. I wrote my email address at that time, at the end of this Bush Henry essay:

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Islam Statement is Speculative?

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Published in August of 2018 | @JoeyArnoldVN
2002-10-09 Wednesday FGHS 10 English Block 2 Bennett JA | Bush Henry Essay
2018-08-26 Sunday 09:16 PM LMS | Islam Statement is Speculative?
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Joan Cluff

Forest Grove High School (FGHS) journalist teacher, Joan Cluff, was fired in 2010 for something she did not write in the school's newspaper, The Viking's Log, in a love section, the Viking Confessional, in the May Issue. You can read about this in the Oregonian.

My Message to Cluff:

I graduated FGHS in 2004. I believe in free speech. I disagree with what they did. Of course, people can be hurt, especially if it is about being gay, having feelings, etc. I'm against the destruction of that. It is too bad they did that to you. I'm sorry to hear about that.

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