Weekly Running and Life Getting in the Way Update

I only managed one run last week, a full eight days between this and my previous run - Saturday to Sunday.

This is mainly because 'life' got in the way.

In the case of last week, 'life' meant getting my car matriculated, which is proving to be a great big pain the ass.

On Monday I had to drive 200 KM to sign some documents with my matriculation agent, and then drive 200 KM back again, so that's basicaly a day.

He gave me a form I need to take to the test centre when I get the 'car import MOT test' - but before I need to do that I need to get my lights changed, so I went to a mechanic, which involved another 60 KM round trip, because I also needed some bits to sort out some paintwork on my car, and that mechanic I KNOW has the all the bits I need.

They advised me where the local MOT centre was, so I went there to book a test appointment, they then told me I had to go somewhere else, and gave me a number.

I don't speak Portuguese, so I spent the rest of Tuesday backward and forwarding on Whatsapp with a friend of mine to get me an appointment and I had a bunch of questions I wanted to her find out the answers to before I booked my test - she did me proud BTW - but that took the rest of Tuesday.

Then Weds it was another round trip to get my lights sorted - of course they have to order them in, but that took the entire morning - after I went food shopping, more importantly after 2.5 days of this I bought some beer and that was me done for the week!

So only one run!

I track most of my runs with Garmin, which auto uploads to Strava.

Weekly running summary:

  • Total kilometres this week: 5K
  • No. of runs: 1

The one local run....

Screenshot 20210125 at 20.56.59.png

Well I struggled out on Sunday for my standard 5K hill run, I did at least modify it by starting 50 metres up from where I usually start which meant I could do my usual 5.1Ks but end on a downhill rather than a slight uphill - it was better.

It was a reasonable run - I'll take it after the week I've had, and my legs didn't feel too bad after.

I just find I can't run when I've had a stressful week - the anxiety just makes it a horrible experience - I need to be relaxed to be able to run, if I'm stressed, well I can run, but it's just horrible.

Next week's plans

If I can get out for two runs it'll be a miracle, it's another week of dealing with car shit coming up!

So I'll be happy with another 5K, just holding the line there!

Actually I might get out for a walk mid week if I can't run, that's a good de-stress!