📢 Token listing on RuDEX is open for everyone!

Privet, RuDEX users!
Today we would like to announce our new service that you asked us about repeatedly.
From now on any project that would like to start trading their token on RuDEX can easily do that using our new listing service.

We thought a lot about how to make this process easy and convenient for everyone. And we think we found an elegant solution, which goes like this: every RuDEX user can nominate a token of any project for listing, or support the project that is in the pending list with their donation.

To nominate a token for listing you need to fill out a simple form, that can be found in the listing candidates section. After in depth review by our team that can take us up to one week, if your nominated project fulfills our internal criteria the token is added to the pending list, and is added to the public crowdfunding in the listing section of the exchange.
Main goal of these donations is to for launch and technical support of the token gateway, as well as measuring potential interest in particular token.

The voting happens with a special DONATE token, that you can acquire here.
Once you’ve got DONATE tokens, you can support any project on the pending list by sending the tokens to its special account by using the special dialog, or directly sending them to that account.

Once the projects’ token successfully passes the goal amount all of the tokens sent to that account are burned, and our team starts to develop the gateway for that token.

Please note that we will account for other criteria, such as the token trading volume, and that we retain the right to delist the token due to our considerations, such as that the trading volume drops to critically low amounts and stays there, or if any red flag events occur to the project in question.

Good luck to your projects, and welcome to RuDEX!

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