Rising Star - New Idle Game on HIVE


A few days ago I stumbled over a new game on HIVE called Rising Star. In this game, you start as a lowly busker (street musician) who is trying to make it big. To do so you need to complete missions which will earn you starbits, fans and XP. Leveling up your character, and gaining more fans, will allow you to attempt different missions and earn more starbits. You can then use those starbits (or various other cryptocurrencies) to purchase cards which will provide more bonuses. Eventually you put together a band, hit it big, and become a mega star!

If you sign up and join the discord channel you get to choose one of 4 founder's cards

The early alpha is currently available here. It's free to play, though you are in for a long grind if you hope to collect cards without paying money. While you can earn your first free pack over a weekend, future freebies take much longer as they are based on the number of missions you complete. Most cards in the market sell for around 5000 starbits, and booster packs of 3 cards sell for 10000. If you are willing to spend HIVE, there are a lot of cards available for 5 HIVE or less.


Gameplay is simple, head over to the mission page and choose which mission you want to do. They each use a certain amount of energy, have a minimum required number of fans, minimum level, and take a set amount of time. After the time ends you will earn starbits, XP, and possibly bonuses like fans, energy refills (pizza), faster energy recharge (coffee), or even a limited amount of reward cards. You will receive additional bonuses after completing a certain number of each mission as well.


Head over to the website and check it out! Initial signup requires a HIVE account and the HIVE keychain plugin, but once you are logged in you can generate a link to play on mobile.

Thanks for reading, I hope to see you on the stage!

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