Unlocking A New Rising Star Pack

I really thought I was down to 6 days rotating to pick up a new pack. However this one took me a full week mainly because I spend a full day doing lessons to help offset the 10% ego I had built up. It's one of the biggest things to hold up progress in the game but I wish it was a bit more and hand more meaning besides just having to do lessons to offset it.


The cards collected are pretty good. The one rare gives me another 4 income which is the priority at the moment and every bit of those helps me unlock packs faster. Also enjoyed that this one had a lot more skill over fans which should help decrease the amount of lessons I will need to do towards my next pack.

This now puts my stats at the following...
1185 Fans
183 Luck
2355 Skill of which 936 is from lessons
26 Income modifier

Total of 35 Cards

Still need to get Acoustic Guitar for Local Gig Circuit so I might have to end up buying one as I can't seem to find one. I guess they randomly show up in opening packs?

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