Rising Stars Free Giveaway Daily - Round 52

The 52th draw is already underway. Today the Card of the day is i49 Djembe will give you 1 Luck point.

From now on the draw will be daily. I will give the winner in each draw and you can participate in the comments.

Today's winner is @amaillo

I am a fan of Nfts games, as many of you will know I am doing a challenge. But there are many other fun games to play and win Nfts.
Rising star is a nfts music game with very talented developers who will make you vibrate with their songs.
His Cards not only have images but also sound. That makes them much more interesting. The game has more than 2000 participants and is growing a lot. I am a regular participant in raffles organized by the community and now I would like to be the one to distribute a bit of luck.

The award:
A common Card
A 100% vote to the first participant of each draw
I will give LOLZ to the participants

The rules:
Simple, just leave a comment saying you want to participate

It is appreciated:
Any advice for improvement.

An article to sign up and an article with the result.

Card raffled today:

Participants in previous contests:

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