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Hey there, fellow Risers! Let's take a detour into the world of Gospel music.
Gospel music is a style of Christian music that has both inspired and drawn from popular music traditions.


Why is gospel music so powerful?

It was helping to reinforce spiritual connection and the heart warming practices and beliefs inorder to create a powerful experience. It's like a soothing wave of tranquility washes over me, and suddenly, everything feels just a bit lighter.

Types of Gospel Music

Gospel music exists in many forms throughout the world.

  1. Traditional gospel music:
  2. Urban contemporary gospel:
  3. Country gospel:
  4. British gospel:

Gospel music has propelled many singers to stardom. Famous Singers:

  1. Mahalia Jackson (1911–1972):
  2. Aretha Franklin (1942–2018):
  3. Kirk Franklin (1970–present):
  4. The Reverend Al Green (1946–present)

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