Rising Star - road to 1,000,000 starbits (is still really really really slow AF)

it's been 23 days ago since my last update (wow, i suck at this)

i'm up to 1073 missions (that's roughly 3/day when i can keep up with remembering to open the tab)

I've made it to 145k starbits and 5k earnings from record staking - not sure if i'm doind this right - seems to be taking FOREVER !!!!

I can manage to do at least 2 acoustic missions /day - that's 1000 star bit i can dump into staking

i'm at level 52 - so i got 3 more levels to go before next mission - hopefully the next mission pays a little more to speed this up LOL

1 have 855k to go to get to 1 mil - so looks like it'll take about another 855 days LOL

well, that's it for my boring update

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