My New Range Rover

Yep, I just bought a new (used) Range Rover in Rising Star. In my last post, I explained that I have finally reached Level 20, but could not do any of the missions because I didn't have enough fans. This is why I went car shopping...and I came home with this beauty.


Evidently, I got too excited about the shiny new chrome and plush interior, because I didn't remember this thing coming with so many fans. Now my number of fans has greatly surpassed my skill (and you know what that means)...


That's right my ego shot way up!


And as you can see, I spent all of my STARBITS on the car, so I guess I will be doing a LOT of Music Lessons for the next couple of days. How did I let this happen? Can you say buyer's remorse?

On the bright side, I have completed a few lessons today since I took the screen shot and have managed to get my Skill up over 500. I should be able to get back to doing missions (maybe even my first one on the Local Gig Circuit) some time tomorrow. I'll still have to alternate between missions and Music Lessons, but at least I can get back to earning STARBITS.

Join me

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