Rising Star. Day 96. How many missions did I play in a week?

Good day, Rising Star fans!



Wednesday. Day 96 with Rising Star game

Here are 2 tables. One is my achievement table from last Wednesday and another one is from today...And I am super embarrassed. I played just 51 mission in a week! It is around 9 missions per day...Well, I was upset when I saw it.

But then, I started to analyze and tried to remember why I did play so less missions. And now I know why! Because I was playing also music lessons! And I was playing mainly 180mins missions. Because that month is super busy and tough. I mean I have a lot of work in real life.

Another reason is energy...Seriously, I start to think about getting some pizza or coffee... Whenever I have free time and ready to play more Illegal busking missions I don't have energy. I don't care about the amount of Starbits I can get from the played mission because my goal is a number of played mission but not an amount of earned Starbits...

So deep breath...And just follow your goal!

Good luck! Have a nice day!

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