Rising Star. Day 75. Game Updates, Goals, Summary...

Good day, Rising Star fans!


Rising Star game, Day 75.

Well, 2 days ago I told you that I will reach 100.000 STARBITS on my account in a day! But I am taking my words back. Seriously! I am struggling to earn 3k STARTBITS for the 3rd day! It is much more difficult than I expected. And mainly the problem is in energy that is directly related to the ego!

I decided to play missions...almost only missions. So I can earn the necessary amount of starbits faster...or maybe not... I want to start playing Saturday Headline mission before I am going to sleep, but even don't have enough energy to start playing the Illegal Busking!

Am I only one who have those problems?

Well, I hope today I will reach my goal and buy 12 card packs! One thing that motivates me that I am super close to close one more achievement and I can get 1500 STARBITS for free! Okey! Fingers crossed! Let's do it!

Good luck! Have a nice day!

If you don't play Rising Star yet, try it now and earn STARBIT tokens.