Rising Star. Day 66. About skills

Good day, Rising Star fans!


Day 66th in Rising Star game

Today I was just clicking around and I found that nice popping up window with skills stats. That menu shows where are my skills coming from. And I learned that the most of my skills are coming from cards, which is great.

However, almost the same amount of skills are coming from the music lessons. And I tried to calculate... Usually, I get around 5-10 skills point form each lesson learned. Then it means that I played around 56 music lessons. It means I played 56 hours!

Then I went to the achievement tab, and do you know what I discovered?! Yeah, there is a statistics about the lessons I played too. I just had to scroll to the right xD And in total i played 60 music lessons!

My goal is to reach 2k skills in total! Why? I just want to reduce my ego xD

Good luck! Have a nice day!

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