Rising Star. Day 153. Friday! Funday! 10k to go!!!

Good day, Rising Star family!

Friday, Day 153 with Rising Star Game.

I want to share with you a great news. I am so close to another bundle of card packs! I have 90k STARBITS on my game wallet now. And I need to earn more 10k to buy 10 card packs and 2 for free!

Actually, I have around 2k Starbits on my Hive Engine account, but I want to keep it. Maybe I will need them for something else. For example, for my giveaways xD

What do you think? How long it will take? Can I do it today?

I think nope... At least because I always don't have enough energy...And usually I get around 300-500 Starbits for both of Saturday blabla missions...


Another achievement is 25 played Saturday Support gigs! I will reach that one in 120 minutes. Already 119 minutes xD


Some calculations...

I was thinking about buying 24 packs for 100 Hives. Usually, it is always more profitable to buy more packs.


I went to the Hive Engine and check the exchange rate... And it seems that NOPE. Now it is better to buy 12 packs for 100,000 Starbits.


Conclusion: Today is better to buy packs in Starbits.

Do you know that I host a Rising Star giveaway?


Good luck! Have a nice day!

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If you don't play Rising Star yet, try it now and win a free card or earn STARBIT tokens.

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