Giveaway #49 Results and Last Giveaway entry

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Its here, the big 50 Giveaway so let everyone #OneUp for a job well done. And surprise I have made 2 years on the #Hive blockchain. So now I have to #OneUP my plans for this giveaway to celebrate that milestone with you my giveaway fam.

Every card will eventually be given away from the @cryptogamerz account to those that participate in the giveaways. All proceeds from the giveaways will be used to generate revenue to keep the giveaways going and hopefully growing.

To start all Hive Power generated from any upvotes from or for this account will be split 50/50 in HP/HBD the HBD will be used to convert into Hive and fund further giveaways for the account and the HP will be used to reward those that enter the giveaways by upvoting the entries as stated in this accounts rules (I will restate them often and probably make a post for them to sit by themselves also).

Any tips/donation for the giveaway will be given away in special drawings not associated with this and as often as possible I will try to support any requests linked to tips/donations give to this account.

I hope to eventually create a merch site for those who feel this is a great benefit to the community and want to assist in furthering any future giveaways.

Personally I have found the #RisingStarGame and its community to be very friendly and outgoing which is why I want to return something to this community in any way that I can.

First let me show everyone who is the # winner of the (type) card (name).

Next I would like to put out a big #OneUp for all the contestants in this giveaway.


Other participants:

@pero82, @jdike, @henruc, @flquin, @epearson, @blessedkid-121, @blitzzzz, @vaynard86, @middle-earthling, @davideownzall, @yeckingo1, @dailyspam, @rtonline, @elduderino420a, @bitandi, @szmobacsi, @joseal2020, @ianballantine

Next I will announce the winners of the SECRET GIVEAWAY. And they are:

And they each win:

Now onto what everyone wants to hear, what is going to be given away in my next installment of this #OneUp giveaway series.
And the clue is:

1 Million Starbit Blowout Giveaway

500k starbits to one lucky winner
100k Starbits to 5 lucky winners

and more with the more participants. Up to 2 million #Starbits are set aside just for this giveaway so make me give them away folks. And just how can you make me give those pretty Starbitties away? Tell everyone you know to join this giveaway, the more who participate in the giveaway the more I am going to giveaway. Hint hint, there is still a SECRET giveaway element in play here as well.

Yup that is your one and only clue so guess wildly, LOL. To enter this please post "Starbitties" in your reply. I had a couple of entries that forgot the last secret word and I forgot to post a drawing time in my last giveaway. So please everyone "Starbitties" for your entry. If your comment did not receive an up vote from me then your entry is not accepted so please check back and fix it to properly be entered in this give away.

The Winner will be chosen at random on March 4th, 2023 and announced by March 5th, 2023. Until then Enjoy and rock on you #RisingStar's.


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