Giveaway #13 Results and Next Giveaway entry

First let me show everyone who are the winners of the instrument card Tabla.


Next I would like to put out a big #OneUp for all the contestants in this giveaway.


Other participants:

@middle-earthling, @c3r34lk1ll3r, @supriya.gupta, @txracer, @postapocgamer, @blitzzzz, @tengolotodo, @henruc, @dizzyapple, @amaillo, @screamheart, @lipe100dedos, @noctury, @jfang003, @myothuzar, @allonyx.ngs, @jacuiron, @xheadhunterz, @ifarmgirl, @uggya, @eijibr, @mypathtofire, @davideownzall, @luizeba, @bechibenner, @flquin, @alex2alex, @jonimarqu, @cryptogamerz, @nietokilll, @elduderino420a, @hopestylist, @dewabrata, @jakkal, @chaosmagic23, @stekene, @pero82, @rtonline

Now onto what everyone wants to hear, what is going to be given away in my next installment of this #OneUp giveaway series.
And the clue is:


Yup that is your one and only clue so guess wildly, LOL. To enter this please post "Pizza Box" in your reply. I had a couple of entries that forgot the last secret word and I forgot to post a drawing time in my last giveaway. So please everyone "Pizza Box" for your entry. If your comment did not receive an up vote from me then your entry is not accepted so please check back and fix it to properly be entered in this give away.

The Winner will be chosen at random on June 25th, 2022 and announced by June 26th, 2022. Until then Enjoy and rock on you #RisingStar's.


Rising Star Game
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