Project Hope Reviews 03/02/2021

Project Hope Hive Top 3 Posts Reviews
by "Happy"


As an active member of the core team, Happy is always attentive and reviews the publications that subscribers and members post in Project Hope Hive. In its daily review, we can find the 3 most interesting articles about Blockchain, Crypto, AI, Technology and Philosophy, product of the effort and creativity of our friends.

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Are we likely to witness similar crashes in Bitcoin markets? by @qsyal

"If we take Tesla, for example, they allocated $1.5 billion to buy bitcoin around the price of $30k-32k, so I guess they acquired 45-50 thousand of BTC. This is more than ten times what was sold in the recent dump.
And according to CNBC, Tesla has made about $1 billion in profit from its bitcoin investment, meaning that it made more money on bitcoin than on electrical cars for the same time frame!".

So, it will not be strange to predict Tesla selling some of its holdings.
And if there was a lesson to learn from the recent bloodbath is that despite how liquid Bitcoin Markets have become, they are still nowhere near being able to ingest such a massive dump all at once.

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Bitcoin and Crypto these days in India by @alokkumar121

"I would say he must go through the retail and understand since Bitcoin is not something which has got attention in jest one day or overnight. getting through Bitcoin and understanding each and everything about this technology surely help track is to know more about it".

Investors like Rakesh who are not at all interested to invest in Bitcoin As for their statement but they still want to talk about it which I really don't understand because if you're not interested then at least do not share your opinion unless you go through it. I'm not a big fan of Rakesh but I would not appreciate this kind of behavior and I hope next time whenever he says anything about crypto and Bitcoin he must have gone through some homework to have a better understanding.

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Understanding trading pattern by @mccoy02

"When a successful price breakout occurs there a continuation chart pattern can follow which shows there will be continuous movement of that specific currency.
Let's say there is a breakout in USD in the market of an uptrend if the movement continues we say there is a continuous price action movement".

Above is a chart pattern of a stock commodity we can see there is a bullish movement in the price showing continuous green the price level was from 9678 to 9900 which shows there is long movement in the price moving upward.

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