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Now, there are many heroes in Mobile Legends with various roles; from Marksman, Tank, Mage, Fighter, Assassin, to Support. Each of these roles must have their respective functions. In addition to the composition of the team, know the task of each role you need to know also to maximize the potential of the hero. This time I will discuss what is the role of each role in Mobile Legends:

    Marksman is a hero who usually has high damage and good attack speed. Hero type marksman can finish off enemies faster than other roles, then not infrequently hero marksman is often the main character in the game. But note also marksman is very weak at the beginning of the game because HP max small and vulnerable to be targeted by the enemy ganker hero.
    The marksman's job at the beginning of the game is farming to get the item quickly. Marksman should always be alert with minimap. If you see many heroes missing from the map, you should be careful and do not hesitate to ask for help from your team. Entering the middle to the end of the game you have to take over the game by destroying the tower and kill as many enemies with your team.

  • TANK

Tank is a hero with a high defensive. Tanks are able to withstand more damage than other heroes. The hero tank users must have a 'dying dead' soul for your team, especially for the hero marksman who is the key to the game. In addition, the average hero tank is a hero who must initiate when teamfight occurs and becomes the front line of the team.
The task of the tank is to keep your teammates and do not be afraid to die for the team. At the beginning of the game, you can do a gank or even help the hero of friends who are affected by the gang. In the mid to late game you should be on the front line to initiate and simplify the tasks of other team members.

  • MAGE

Mage is a hero who has a skill-skill with high magic damage. This magical type hero is a hero that triumphed from early to mid game. With his skill combinations, the hero mage is able to finish off the opponent in seconds. However, it should be noted also that the hero mage has HP and small armor so easily die.
The mage's job is to disrupt the movement of the enemy team. At the beginning of the game, try to move around the map to harass the enemy or kill him. From the middle to the end of the game, the hero mage starts losing its potential to kill to enemy heroes. Try to reduce as many HP enemies as you can and let your marksman finish off the rest.


Asassin is a special hero to kill and lock enemies when their blood is dying. Hero assassins have high mobility and are able to kill their enemies quickly. This Hero is more recommended to players who are experienced because the assassin has a low HP but very high damage.
Assassin's assignment, of course, by its name, kills. At the beginning of the game, the assassin should be diligent around with one of his fellow mage teammates, fighter and tank to kill enemy heroes on the lane. During the game, assassin is not recommended for initiation. Let your team first then you can go in the middle of teamfight and finish off the enemy team.


Fighter is a hero that has a balance between offensive and defensive. Hero fighter can be spelled out is a hero that 'sting' because he does not have great damage such as marksman or assassin and he is also not as thick as a tank hero. But the hero fighter has a unique combination of skills and is able to disrupt the movement of enemy heroes on the lane.
Fighter has 2 main tasks, that is farming and disturbing the opponent. At the beginning of the game, try to use your skill to generate damage to the enemy. Do not be too push yourself to kill if the situation is not possible. In the mid to late game, the fighter becomes a powerful hero and is capable of producing almost as much damage to hero marksman as well as assassin.


As the name implies, support is on duty to protect your teammates whatever the conditions. Hero support should not be afraid of death in order to protect your friends. This hero is equipped with skill-skills that are useful to protect other team members.
The task of hero support is to protect your team members. Throughout the game, always ready gank of the opponent or teamfight. Remember, support should protect team members so do not be hooked to do a lot of kill. Hero support must withstand some damage or even willingly die to let other team members survive.

That's the job of each role in Mobile Legends. Which role matches your game best?

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