My STORJ (St💿rage Node): March

I have been running a demo node for experimental reasons that I will share with the public.

My Storage Node Stats ✔️

This month was super weird... I guess that user base is starting to pump in so, there is way too much flush activity!

Almost no downtime... just a few minutes for a couple of reboots. So probably didn't even count. Plus, on lockdown my attention to detail is way higher than usual. riiiigggghhhhttttt!?

My worst uptime check is now 93% (from 91.8%) and my best 95.3% (from 94.4%) and not counting with the new satellite that just arrived last month, where I have 99.3% now. So, basically everything getting better from the node perspective and most likely the reason for the increases of data usage you will see next.

Uploads back up again!

From initially 145.52 GB in January to 7.30 GB in February and now to 58.47 GB. This is more like what I was expecting. A recovery on data utilization and I am sure most of it is due increase of users and not increase of data usage.

Remember what I said last time?

From now on, I would expect either for the amount to maintain or grow, if for the same amount of hosted data.

That's right. Confirmed now. And I don't say just that lightly. I have seen during the entire month several back and forwards in data consumption, and you will soon understand why. That explains basically why there are more users or more activity from the existing users.

Disk space consumption

In this space I have also seen an huge uptake... increasing mostly in the beginning of the month and then somewhere mid month time. From January previous 604.10 GB free space, February 561.87 GB and now 407.14 GB.

This was what I was expecting in terms of user base increase. I have actually been on the 375 GB ish free space, but because of what I am trying to say as "great influx of users" this has kept increasing and decreasing constantly every 2 to 3 days.

Downloads are all about this month...

There we have. Finally reaching the biggest fact that could explain the user base activity this month. Back in January it was around 258.06 GB, then in February 342.00 GB and now 811.23 GB! That's almost 250% increase!

And for me this is what explains the volatility of the usage of the network lately. I can't count easily my help towards the egress/ingress for repairs, but I am sure it increased quite substantially. Indicating that either user activity or a larger number of users tried out the network.

Latest updates

Have you noticed that there is no more bandwidth counter on the GUI? I don't know exactly why it disappeared but maybe it was not as important. I am not yet sure if the limits will be respected too, tough. Hopefully they are.

How much DID I GOT 🤑 paid?

I need to wait a few days for the payment to get in as usual, but I will let you know (by updating this post) as soon as it kicks in and I am able to share it. Last month (February) payment was:

March Payment

It was actually less than previous month, which I don't really understand. Probably there was a mistake or some kind. Let's see next month.

Let's see the next month... ⏳

This month was less exciting but still a great experience. Like I said, so far all great. If you have questions, checkout the Forum or the Blog section. Both have been quite useful to me. If you are looking for documentation on how to set up a node, then check the documentation page.

Do you find this information helpful?

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Disclaimer: If you don't like to see this kind of posts, please let me know so I can understand if the effort is worth it. I don't intend to massacre the network with them and my sole intention is to provide additional and personal feedback of my own evaluations/reviews.

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