My STORJ (St💿rage Node): June

I have been running a demo node for experimental reasons that I will share with the public.

My Storage Node Stats ✔️

Some serious uptime without code updates/reboots this month!

I am a bit late this month... too much stuff happening. As usual! But anyway... Taaannnnh tannnh! 😱 New GUI!

It was only a few days after my last month post (May) when the new version 1.6.3 got released. And later 1.6.4 version, that until I read about it on the release nodes I could not really understand how big the changes were. Really nice update (especially in terms of node reaction to storage space).

If you are really up to trying this, please consider reading and joining the forum. There is a lot there I have learned with. Plus the Storj Community are really very technical, and can help you in almost any sense.

This month it was very close to the "break-even" cost I would like to have. But still waiting for those averages to come into place, plus the held amount.


This month I am expected to receive a payout of $2.24, up from $1.81 (and up from $1.08 from the previous month) in equivalent STORJ token. I am curious if in July this will still increase and break even or just fluctuate on this range. Let's see...



Right. because the GUI changed I decided to go for a 3 month comparison!

We went from 17.26 GB to 41.87 GB and NOW to 72.99 GB... The trend is going super!

Hopefully the uploads will continue to be active for this tinny amount of share. 😁

I have not still got to the break-even situation (power costs vs profit). But I still need to wait for the holdings to start paying.

Disk Space


New STUFF! We now have a differentiation between Free and Trash space... Might you ask... what's the difference? Basically, the difference is when you had someone deleting data, and that data either still occupying space on your disk because it has not yet been deleted.

Yes data takes time to propagate. Usually the action of invalidating data is way less expensive than actually erasing it. So that's why this distinction exists.

For the Storage node end, this only means that trash is still occupying disks space... but not actually being "useful". Later an asynchronous action will delete these blobs...



As expected, the downloads have reduced substantially as time goes... this is normal as the active nodes become re-utilized.

This also means good news! It means data being deleted is way less than before, because the amount of average downloads (for the same capacity) is way less. Give the fact that I am always full (or almost at least).

At the end of the month I got some data expired/deleted and that caused the re-usage of downloads to occupy the space freed. There were some glitches on getting this reaction response quick, but now all of those look like resolved.

Latest updates

This month, I did read the newest updates as I stated before...

The new version 1.6.4 version got released.

How much DID I GOT 🤑 paid?

I need to wait a few days for the payment to get in as usual, but I will let you know (by updating this post) as soon as it kicks in and I am able to share it. Last month payment was:


I will edit this section once I have received payment. Let's see if it matches the newly prediction section of the payout:




Previous Posts

For convenience... here is some retrospective:

Let's see the next month... ⏳

This month was less exciting but still a great experience. Like I said, so far all great. If you have questions, checkout the Forum or the Blog section. Both have been quite useful to me. If you are looking for documentation on how to set up a node, then check the documentation page.

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