Super Play (June 1996)

Cover of the June 1996 issue of Super Play

Super Play is a magazine dedicated to the Super Nintendo that was published in the U.K. There weren't really many particularly successful single system magazine in the U.S. at that time and the ones that came around tended to have 50 pages or less. Super Play on the other hand lasted several years and the June 1996 issue has close to 100 pages. The contents include:


  • Super Express - The latest news includes info on the upcoming Nintendo 64, including looks at some of the first games including Turok, Shadows of the Empire, Super Mario 64, War Gods, and more. Plus a look at upcoming Super NES releases including Olympic Summer Games, Pinnochio, Killer Instinct 2, Dragon Ball Z Hyper Dimension, Lufia 2, Starfox 2, Mohawk and Headphone Jack, and more.

  • Fantasy Quest - A detailed look at Tales of Phantasia from Namco.

  • Charts - The top 10 games fro the SNES. Topping the list this month is Diddy's Kong Quest.

  • Game Freak - Questions answered about a portable SNES, Earthbound, Resident Evil, a new Golgo 13 game, the PlayStation, Square and Enix, Ace Driver, and more.

  • Mode 7 - Cheats, codes and strategies for Mortal Kombat 3, Breath of Fire II, Ogre Battle, Mega Man X3, Super Bomberman 3, and much more.

  • What Cart? - A guide to all of the games reviewed by Super Play, a brief description and their score along with what issue the review appeared in.

Table of Contents from the June 1996 issue of Super Play


  • Game of Life - A tongue-in-cheek study on using video games to learn real-life skills. How well to games help you to learn how to summon a fireball, drive a car, cook, and more?

  • Super Players Guide: Diddy's Kong Quest - Part one of a strategy guide for Diddy's Kong Quest, the sequel to Donky Kong Country.

Table of Contents from the June 1996 issue of Super Play (continued)


  • Star Kirby Super Deluxe - Kirby stars in his first Super NES game.

  • Super Mario RPG - Not really my preferred genre of RPG but it was still a good one.

  • College Slam - Like NBA Jam only with college teams.

Back cover of the June 1996 issue of Super Play

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