Personal Computer Games (October 1984)

Cover of the October 1984 issue of Personal Computer Games

Personal Computer Games is a magazine dedicated to computer games that was published in the U.K. in the 1980s. This is another magazine we didn't really have an equivalent to in the U.S., at least in the 8-bit era. It covered computer games for multiple systems, including the Commodore 64, Spectrum, BBC/Electron, VIC-20, MSX and others. It also included type-in games. The October 1984 issue includes:


  • Commodore 64 - A review of Jeff Minter's latest game, Ancipital; Jeff Minter gives game play tips on one of his first games, Revenge; and a type-in soccer game from Tony Crowther.

  • Spectrum - Reviews of Frank N Stein, SOS, Dartz, Mad Hatter, On the Oche, Ahhh!!!, Froot Loop, and Gremlins; a type-in game from the creator of Football Manager; and game play tips for tons of games including maps for Lords of Midnight.

  • BBC/Electron - Reviews of Drogna, Wallaby, and Mineshaft plus hints for Frak! from its programmer.

  • VIC-20/Oric - Reviews of Bricks, Starbase, Psycho Shopper, Max, Maze Gold, Squish, Minitron and Luv Bug for the VIC-20 and of Spooky Mansion for the Oric.

  • Games Competition - Win cash by submitting an idea for a game based on the theme of saving energy.

Table of Contents from the October 1984 issue of Personal Computer Games


  • Notice Board - Random stuff including graphics tips for the C64, news bits, comics and more.

  • Buzz - The latest news including counterfeit cassette software, new game releases including Astrochase, Flip & Flop, Terrahawks, American Football, Battlecars, D-Day, SAS Commander, Paranoid Pete, K-Fighter, Strike Force, and lots more.

  • Byte Back - Letters from readers about liquid damage to a Spectrum, Formula 1, World Cup by Arctic, Spectrum vs. the Atari vCS, and much more.
  • Adventure World - A look at several adventure games including Eye of Bain (Spectrum), Gisburne's Castle (BBC), Robyn Hode (Spectrum), Crusoe (Spectrum), Return of the Ring (Dragon), and Ruby Runabout (Spectrum).

Back cover of the October 1984 issue of Personal Computer Games

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