Nintendo Fun Club News (Fall 1987)

Cover of the Fall 1987 issue of Nintendo Fun Club News

Nintendo Fun Club News was the predecessor to Nintendo Power. Much of the type of content found in Nintendo Power started in Nintendo Fun Club News which was only available to subscribers (though subscriptions were free at the time for NES owners). Initially, Nintendo Fun Club News I believe was only published quarterly. The Fall 1987 issue includes:

  • Prez Sez - A look at what is in this issue and some of the changes in this, the third issue of Nintendo Fun Club News.

  • Metroid Feature Review - This issue is full of reviews and previews of iconic Nintendo games starting with this review of Metroid.

  • Kid Icarus Feature Review - The other review in this issue is for another iconic Nintendo game, Kid Icarus.

  • Get Ganon - A 1-800 number to call if you have beaten Ganon twice. I think this was some sort of contest but it is kind of vague.

  • Pro's Corner - Hints for The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Super Mario Bros., and more.

  • Table of Contents from the Fall 1987 issue of Nintendo Fun Club News

  • The Legend of Zelda Maps, Tips, Tactics - A strategy guide for Zelda.

  • Pro-Am Racing Sneak Peek - A preview of R.C. Pro-Am, probably my favorite racing game on the NES.

  • The Adventure of Link Sneak Peek - A preview of the second game in the Zelda series.

  • Scores of Fun - Reader submitted high scores for various games. You had to submit the provided form as well as a picture of the TV with your score if you wanted to submit your own.

  • MailBag - Letters from readers asking for tips, subscription info, and providing suggestions for future issues.

  • Local Club Update - Information for starting your own local Nintendo Fun Club, including a kit that could be ordered.

Back cover of the Fall 1987 issue of Nintendo Fun Club News

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