Antic: The Atari Resource (March 1987)

Cover of the March 1987 issue of Antic

ANALOG and Antic were the two most popular magazines that covered Atari 8-bit computers. While ANALOG stuck to being mostly 8-bit exclusive throughout its life, Antic moved to covering both the Atari ST and the 8-bit line when the ST was introduced.

The March 1987 issue includes:


  • Word Searcher - This type-in program solves word search puzzles for you. All you have to do is type in the letter grid and the words you are looking for.

  • Rainbow Screen Customizer - A routine to make variable colored backgrounds in your own programs.

  • Today's Victorious Atari Corp. - Praising the release of the Atari ST and XE line of computers, this article paints a rosy picture of Atari's future. This did not age well.

  • Dvorak Keyboard - This type-in program changes the layout of your keyboard from the standard QWERTY layout to the supposedly faster to type on Dvorak keyboard. It may indeed be faster but I can't imagine learning a new keyboard layout after learning to type on a QWERTY keyboard. I can type fast enough. To give you an idea how much better it is though, supposedly the fingers of someone who types for a living will move 16 miles a day on a QWERTY keyboard as opposed to only a mile with the Dvorak layout.

Table of Contents from the March 1987 issue of Antic


  • Editorial - All about ANTIC On-Line, an online version of ANTIC available via CompuServe.

  • I/O Board - Letters from readers this month include topics such as using Atari computers at an MDA telethon, sharing a hard drive between an Atari ST and Atari 8-bit, a correction to Budget dB, obtaining the Atari Developers Kit, the Microline 1025 printer, hints for Ultima IV, Atari 1020 Plotter pens, and more.

  • New Products - New products mentioned this month include Video Vegas, a casino sim; Math Blaster!, Word Attack!, and Spell It! educational software; Guderian, a World War II sim; Stocks and Bonds, an investment game; Warship, a World War II ship combat sim, and more.

  • Game of the Month: Vectron - The play mechanics of this type-in game remind be a bit of Combat for the Atari least the game modes in which your shots bounce off of the walls.

  • Starting Out; New Owners Column - This month, learn how to use the various graphics modes of your Atari 8-bit.

ST Resource

  • Using INP and OUT - Learning how to use the INP and OUT commands by creating a terminal program in ST BASIC .

  • ST Puzzler - A type-in program that generates random jigsaw puzzles.

  • ST Reviews - Items reviewed include ST Pool and 8-Ball, two pool games; Timekeeper, a real-time battery backed-up clock; Mean 18, a golf game from Accolade; and MIDI Magic, software that sends MIDI music from disk out the MIDI port of the Atari ST.

  • BASIC Alert - How to create alert boxes in ST BASIC.

Back cover of the March 1987 issue of Antic

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