Amiga World (1985)

Cover of the premiere issue of Amiga World (1985)

Pictured above is the premiere issue of Amiga World. For the first couple of years, the Amiga 1000 was the only Amiga model available. Contents of this issue include:


  • A First Look at the Amiga - A detailed look at the new Amiga (Amiga 1000) computer from Commodore. Features include a 68000 CPU, custom chips for graphics and sound, 256K of RAM easily expandable to 512K, a built-in 3.5-inch 880K disk drive, and much more.

  • What If... - All about what the Amiga can do that other computers can't.

Table of Contents from the premiere issue of Amiga World (1985)


  • Stimulating Simulations: Electronic Arts Gets Involved with Amiga - A look at the work that Electronic Arts is doing for the Amiga, including titles such as Archon, One-on-One, Seven Cities of Gold, Skyfox, and Starflight. Also, a look at the various people involved, including an interview with Trip Hawkins.

  • Sounds Like - A look at Harmony, a computerized accompaniment program developed using AI and speech recognition techniques.

  • A Peek at the 68000 - The history and capabilities of the CPU chosen to be at the heart of the Amiga, the 68000.

Table of Contents from the premiere issue of Amiga World (1985) (continued)


  • Avision - Praise for the Amiga and the origins of Amiga World.

  • Zeitgeist - More about the genesis of Amiga World and how it was put together.

Back cover of the premiere issue of Amiga World (1985)


  • Digital Canvas - A look at some impressive artwork created with the Amiga.

  • Help Key - Questions answered about the Amiga's memory capacity, connecting additional disk drives, the keyboard, modem compatibility, Amiga ports, and more.

  • List of Software - A summary of currently available software and software coming soon for the Amiga. As a brand new machine there are only a couple dozen so far.

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