A visit to CHATEAU DE Busay

Chateau means castle in French. I didn't know that there's a castle in Cebu until we passed by this place while driving to the mountain. This castle is not your disney castle that a prince and princess lives in. We thought, it's a place where you can photoshoot or even a studio place. Since we saw a lot of photoshoot situation everytime we drove up to the mountain. Chateau is located at Busay. A 30 minutes drive from the city center of Cebu. And it's just few meters from the main road. So, you can probably see it right away.

We have visited this place twice now. We just love the ambiance and the people who work here. They are so friendly.

This castle is a restaurant and a wedding venue.

We had a chat with the manager who works there for 25 years as he shared with us his story.The restaurant was owned by a Swiss French way back then. As he said the main focus of the restaurant was mainly having foreigner guest before . But, when the owner died. A new owner came and bought the whole place who is a Filipino Chinese. Then, they start changing the system. From a restaurant plus a wedding venue.

He even told us that he met his wife there and happily married with her until now together with their three beautiful children. His wife is still the cashier at the restaurant. Amazing right? We even met the owner herself. She's very humble,accommodating and very friendly.

They still have a lot of French menus as the restaurant itself known for that.
So here's some of the food that they offer for their guest πŸ˜‹






Their amazing mango juice 😻


Their complimentary bread and some garlic sticks 🍞 They serve this while waiting for your food ☺️ (I love all those quite sosyal utensils too)



French toast clubhouse 😻


Wild mushroom soupπŸ„ Definitely one of my favorite 😻


My favorite local lemon juice πŸ˜‹ Did you see the frame behind me? It's a beautiful view of the city.


And this amazing tasty dessert made of mango ice cream thingy πŸ˜‹


We saw this bride while she's having her precious photoshoot beside the restaurant area. This restaurant offers everything.From it's iconic building itself. From the patios, to the flowers and plants around, the big area sorrounded with green big trees, city view, mountain view and everything. No wonder they have a lot of guests from weddings everyday the year round.


As the manager said. They can accommodate three to four weddings a day. And forty weddings a month. That's actually a lot.

This place is beyond beautiful πŸ’ž Truly a gem for special occasions like weddings 🀍


So, we went around the grounds to see all their wedding area where they can actually set up some tables and more to achieve your garden wedding 😻



They have few lanterns hanging around the tree which makes it more beautiful to see 🌸


This flowers blooming around looks like a vine plant bearing these gigantic trumpet looks like flower 🌼


They have a small fountain splashing some waters. Then you'll able to see the birds drinking water from it. How cool is it 🐦


The amazing city view where you can see the new bridge from their second floor balcony view 😻


Another beautiful spot for the wedding ☺️


Small fish pond in the entrance stairway with some Koi on it 🐟

When it rains. The guest can use this indoor rooms ☺️


It's so nice with all those wooden designs 😻


The view from the restaurant entrance and a stairway up to the second floor to the indoor reception ☺️


This one here is my favorite. Upon entering the place through the stairs . You will see this waiting area close to the restroom. These wooden chairs and the plants that make it the most attractive thing that you will see when you get in 🀍



More rooms from the second floor 😻


I super love this friendly restaurant. They valued their customers so much 😻

If they could just allow pets. Then, it will be a happy place for Jeep and Ney to play around the area. But still a very nice place to visit and dine in. Very relaxing area to unwind away from the busy city.

We definitely come back for more soup tasting and green view experience.

Until then. ..

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