Customized resin bookmarks


Custom bookmarks by gcutsandcrafts

I bought a few books last month but I didn't have any bookmarks yet so I looked up for any products online. I wanted some cute ones, those who encourages me to read and then I found these customized resin bookmarks by gcutsandcrafts which had daisies in it and a name (or text of your choice!).

I instantly fell in love with it and they arrived yesterday.


The packaging is so nice! They really took the time to present the products well.



Each bookmark is individually packed. You wouldn't think these are handmade or made by a small business. Looks so professional. :D


And these are the ones I have! They're so beautiful. I had them all customized by choosing the color of the pigment, type of flower, and whatever other shit to put like glitters or gold foil.


I have one bookmark with my name on it. I chose daisy cos it's like me in a flower form haha. It's so pretty like damn. And there were no bubbles or defects or anything.

It's too thick for a bookmark tho but that's as expected cos that's resin. I don't think it will damage the book, but will just look a bit weird but I don't mind.


Of course my cat thought it's her toy while I was taking pics of it.


This one too is really pretty. I noticed the seller had pigments and glitters for a unicorn-themed bookmark so I requested if they can do it, even tho I didn't see it in the choices (of previous designs they made). They entertained my request and it turned out so lovely! I love that they didn't hesitate to do it even though there's like 4 pigments in it.


I also bought this keychain as a gift for my bestfriend Joyce. She loves it!


Oh did I mention that I got a freebie too?! This is so lovely! I need to find a chain tho haha.


Looks so good in my book. :3


Honestly, I'm really happy with the purchase. They're all so beautiful but cheap! Of course I will order again soon. :3

If you want to support the business, you can visit their online shop on Shopee here. Shopee only ships to Philippines and Indonesia I think, but if you're really interested you can just contact them on Instagram @gcutsandcrafts and maybe they'll ship overseas.

Which one was your favorite?

Mine was the red cos it's so striking!

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