Holy Shit! The Real Jesus MEGA DONATION!!! Time to send the Satanic Spammers to Hell 🔥🔥💀🔥🔥

The second coming of christ has been received very well. Thank you all, you are certainly going to heaven (except for the butthurt people who downvoted me - 10 years of purgatory for you).

Screen Shot 20200308 at 7.30.39 PM.png

I received a notification of a few donations of STEEM that came in, to assist in this holy war we are waging against the spammers. Thanks to everybody's support, @the-real-jesus is over 500 SteemPower now!! Awwwwww yeahhhhhhhh. I need a shit ton of resource credits to spam the spammers, they do like 1,000 comments a day AT LEAST. I probably still don't have enough SP to take on their steeming piles of shit they leave everywhere. But we are on the right track. Rest assured that NONE of my steempower will ever get powered down as long as there are religious spammers to destroy. We are all in this together, remember that. These guys spam your posts as much as everybody else. And for that, they deserve nothing less than eternal damnation. I won't rest until the religious spam as stopped flowing. Maybe I will launch a steem engine token or a SMT, who knows... IDGAF as long as we can crush the spammers, and then after that I can go back to being dead or just chill on a beach or something.

@hiroyamagishi, you hearin me bro? We're coming for you and your lame-ass bot army of trash-spammers! It would be better if you just surrendered now, and saved yourself from eternal damnation.... Maybe you can let me in the discord server so I can talk some shit while I spam you back on-chain 🤣 Come at me bro, for real I dare you. I have nothing to lose, I already died.

Love, The Real Jesus

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