Should We Reject Religion?

Why speak in tongues? Proving the existence of the supernatural world as natural creatures is as challenging as ants trying to comprehend the tax code. God is of higher dimensions. WWJD. Try to relate to others.

We let our emotions make too many decisions in regards to which religions we may or may not choose to follow in what we do, say, think, feel, believe, in how we live our lives, & that destroys us.

Christianity is the only religion with a free ticket to Heaven. The other religions & cults require perfection, that you live a good perfect holy sinless decriminalized life which is impossible to do & live.

You can choose to be religious or not, but please don't force others too much into your own perspective, dogma, paradigm, sense of morality, but we should sympathize, empathize, to see from their eyes more.

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