Displaced Karen People Are In Need of Urgent Support

It is hard to describe the desperation of the displaced Karen, in a world that is profoundly compassion fatigued.

The Karen people are an ethnic group without an officially recognized country of their own. We're talking about 5 million people, which is roughly the population on New Zealand, just for perspective's sake. Karen State, in the mountains of Eastern Burma, is their country and has been fiercely defended against the Burmese military during the last 73 years on an ongoing civil war.

In the last weeks and post Burmese military coup on February 3rd, there have again been airstrikes against the Karen people, with hundreds killed and tens of thousands displaced.

Where do the Karen people go?

In the past, the United Nations have sponsored and supported refugee camps on the Thai side of the border. However, in the last 2 years, many of those camps have been closed an the United nations has withdrawn food aid. Which leaves these latest groups of displaced Karen people fending for themselves in rugged dry-season land-mined jungle, with no shelter, no food, no reliable clean drinking water away from the open river, and no medical care. The majority of the displaced Karen are officially stateless, meaning they have no official identity and are not recognized by any country. And this makes them especially vulnerable.

Basically, they hide in the rugged jungles and try to find their way to safety of any sort, usually in Thailand. Needless to say, developing Thailand is in no way positioned to host or support MILLIONS of refugees arriving without language, money, documents or any familial connections. Added to those issues is the fact that without medical care, many of them are sick, carrying with them tuberculosis and other serious diseases (which frankly makes Covid look like the least of their's, or anyone's problems).

What does a Karen jungle camp look like?

Photo Credit: Partners Relief & Development

Photo Credit: Johny Adhikari

The update I received last evening - Wednesday 14th April, is as follows:


At this moment, some AID relief IS getting through, thanks to some tireless individuals and the support of the Thai military,

But we are in urgent need of more funds to buy rice, simple non-perishable food stuffs and medicines.

We? Yes. Myself and my Thai company, Pure Thai Natural Co Ltd, not only seek to create employment for Karen people, but we are active in the relief efforts in whatever ways are needed. Because we believe in a different, more compassionate and more collaborative world. Yesterday, I appealed to my mainstream social media friends for cash to move the relief efforts forward. Today, I'm inviting the enlightened humans using the Hive blockchain, to do likewise.

Today, Thursday 15th April, individuals are risking their lives to bring yet another consignment of rice, medicines and basic food-stuffs across river into Eastern Burma. It's dangerous and illegal, and yet our humanity REQUIRES this response.

As soon as they are able, they will be going again, and will need goods to deliver. If you have funds to spare, we INVITE you to join us and contribute.

If you are in Thailand or use Transferwise, bank details as follows:

Kasikorn Bank, Thailand
Branch: Chang Klan, Chiang Mai
Account Name: Mr Barlar Krishna
Account Number: 056-8-52642-2

if you have a PAYPAL account, the email address is mettacharity@gmail.com

If you would like to contribute Hive, you CAN but need to understand that the cost of removing Hive to turn it to Thai baht is not insignificant. Currently I'm losing around $100 to sell Hive to BTC and then withdraw to coins.co.th and then withdraw that as Thai baht. My business also gets taxed for that. 😆 It's doable and I'm prepared to make that happen if the Hive donated makes it worth that.

The greatest needs are rice and noodles, basics like salt and oil, drinking water, plastic sheeting and tents, fundamentals like bowls and cups, and - of course - medicines. Many of the displaced or injured and/or sick.

I'm honored to connect with astounding individuals who BELIEVE in metta and humanity and the idea that We Are One.

I can't, in conscience, post about anything else on Hive today KNOWING that friends and colleagues urgently need support to keep doing the amazing, life-changing work they do.

If you are able to give, or at least reblog this post, I would be grateful.

One Love.


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