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 Hello its a me again drifter1!

     After the previous recap of Spring 2017, we are again at a point of cluttering up! xD I upload so much about many different topics of computer science and information technology, which means that being interested in only one of these topics makes it harder for you to find thi exact topic only...

    This post will contain every single post uploaded 'till today on this blog in an ordered way and with a small description for each category and each post!

This kind of posts take up a lot of time, effort and patience, and I hope that you appreciate it!

So, without further ado, let's get straight into it! 



     Let's start out with my first Category called Programming and split it based on the programming languages that I covered!



C Beginner Codes -> I got into the Basics of C Programming on 2 Example Codes

C Beginner Arrays -> In this post we extended the previous Codes using Arrays and also random

C Pointers, String and Files -> We talked about Pointers, Strings, File and Functions!

C Dynamic Memory Allocation -> I talked off malloc/realloc and used it on an Example Code

C Structs and Switch Case -> I created a switch case menu that handles a struct


C Recursive Algorithms -> We got into Recursions as an reminder for the next posts

C Linked Lists -> We talked about the Linked List Implementation in C

C Binary Trees -> We got into Simple Binary Trees in C

C Queues using Arrays -> Implemetation of a Queue using Arrays

C Stacks using Arrays -> Implementation of a Stack using Arrays

C Queues using Linked Lists -> Implementation of a Queue using a List

C Stacks using Linked Lists -> Implementation of a Stack using a List

C Advanced Lists and Queues -> Double, Circular Linked Lists and Priority Queues

C Advanced Trees -> AVL (implemented), Red-Black (featured) and 2-3 Trees (featured)

C Stack-Queue Exercise using Dynamic Arrays -> Exercise for Stacks-Queues with Arrays

C Stack-Queue Exercise using Linked Lists -> Edited Exercise, but using Lists

C Hashtables with Chaining -> Hashtable Theory and Implementation with Chaining

C Hashtables with Linear Probing -> Implementation with Linear Probing


Can I run a Dual Monitor Setup? (C Code) -> Calculate Angle using Law of Cosines

C Function Comparison -> Compare Functions using Time or Iterations     



From C To Java -> I talked off Objects/Classes (introduction), Scanner Input, Printing and Arrays

Java Classes and Methods -> We got into Constructors, Getters-Setters, ToString() and User Defined Methods

Java Composition and ArrayList -> We talked about Java Composition and ArrayLists

Java Inheritance ->  We talked about Inheritance (extends), Abstract Classes and super.toString()

Java Interfaces ->  We talked about Interfaces (implements) and Abstract Methods

Java Exceptions -> We got into Exceptions using the try-catch statement

Java Files -> We got into Textfiles and Binary Files using serializable

Java All-In-One Exercise -> University Task edited to contain only Basics

Java All-In-One Exercise (Solution) -> Solution to the Task

Data Structures

Java Data Structures -> Implementing Lists, Stacks and Queues in Java

Java Graphs Introduction -> Graph Theory and Implementation

Java Graph Traversal Algorithms -> BFS and DFS Traversal Algorithms

Java Graph Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithms -> Prim and Kruskal MST Algorithms

Java Graph Shortest Path Algorithm (Dijkstra) -> Dijkstra Algorithm

Java Graph Shortest Path Algorithm (Bellman-Ford) -> Bellman-Ford Algorithm

Java Graph All Pair Shortest Path Algorithms (Floyd-Warshall/Johnson) -> Floyd-Warshall and Johnson Algorithms

Java Graph Maximum Flow Algorithm (Ford-Fulkerson) -> Ford-Fulkerson Algorithm

Java Graph (Backtracking) Hamiltonian Circuit Algorithm -> Backtracking Hamiltonian Cycle Algorithm

Java Graph Eulerian Circuit Detection Algorithm -> Eulerian Cycle Detection Algorithm

Java Graph Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithms 2 -> Boruvka and Reverse Delete Algorithms

Some more Graph Algorithms are in my list...


Java GUI (awt) -> Getting into GUI Programming using the awt library

Java GUI (swing) -> Extend previous Knowledge using the swing Library and JOptionPane's

Java GUI Events and Listeners -> Getting into Events and ActionListeners

Java GUI Examples -> Examples of GUI's that implement everything told

Java All-In-One Exercise Extended -> Previous Task Edited to include GUI

Java All-In-One Exercise Extended (Solution) -> Solution to the Task

Java Web Applets -> Writing a Applet in Java 



Assembly Basic Coding Structure -> Introduction to Assembly

Assembly Input/Output Calls -> System Calls to Input and Output

Assembly Branches and Jumps -> Getting into Branches, Jumps that help us write if, for, while statements

Assembly Arrays and Memory Instructions -> Arrays and sw, lw instructions

Assembly Code Examples -> Examples to make sure everything until now is understandable


Assembly Functions and Pseudodynamic Arrays -> Switch case that calls functions for an pseudodynamic Array

Assembly Stack and Recursive Algorithms -> Stack Introduction and 3 Recursion Code Examples

Assemly Heap Memory Allocation -> Heap Allocation and Dynamic Memory

Assembly File Inputs/Output Calls -> File Input and Output using System Calls

Assembly Stack Datastructure -> Stack Implementation in Assembly

Assembly Floating Point Register Example (Trading Profit Calculator) -> Floating Point Register

This category is about to get some "new" languages soon :P


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Numeral Systems -> Numeral Systems, Conversions, Operations

Logical (Boolean) Functions -> Boolean Expressions, Truth Tables, Minterms, Maxterms

Boolean Algebra and Simplification Theorems -> Boolean Algebra, Laws and De Morgan

Karnaugh Map Simplification -> Karnaugh Maps

Basic Logic Gates -> NOT, OR, AND, XOR and XNORGates

Universal Logic Gates -> NOR and NAND Logic

From Function to Circuits using Multi-Input Gates -> Multi-Inputs Gates and Tips

Adder Circuits -> Half, Full and N-bit Adder Circuits

Multiplexer, Encoder and Decoder Circuits -> MUX, Encoder and Decoder Circuits

Waveforms and Clocks -> Waveforms and Clocks, How to test all Inputs

Latches and Flip Flops -> Latches and D, T, JK Flip Flops

Sequential (Synchronous) Circuits -> State Table, Equations and Diagram

Quine McCluskey (Tabular) Simplification Method -> Example Tabular Simplication

Statetable Simplification and Implementation with one-hot encoding -> Staircase DFF Implementation

Binary Decision Diagrams -> Binary Decision Trees, Diagrams and ROBDD's

Multisim Implementation

Multisim Getting Started Tutorial -> Multisim Introduction

Logic Gates in Multisim -> Testing out Logic Gates in Multisim

Simple Circuits in Multisim -> Circuits using Logic Gates in Multisim in 3 ways

Adder Circuits in Multisim -> Implementing Half, Full and N-bit Adders in Multisim

Multiplexer, Encoder and Decoder Circuits in Multisim -> Multisim Implementation Examples

Advanced Sequential Circuits in Multisim -> JK Flip Flop Implementation of a State Diagram


VHDL Introduction -> What are HDL Languages, VHDL Theory

VHDL Basic Coding Structure -> Structure, Libraries, Assignment Statements and Processes

VHDL Basic Circuits -> Simple VHDL Coding using knowledge from the previous post

VHDL Modelsim Getting Started Tutorial -> Modelsim Tutorial

VHDL Behavioral, Dataflow and Structural Models -> Coding Models

VHDL Sequential Circuits -> Reminders, D-Flip-Flops, Registers and Counters

VHDL Testbench and Datatypes -> Testbench, Constants, Variables and Datatypes

VHDL Finite-State Machines -> FSM Coding

VHDL Coffee FSM Example -> Coffee FSM

Simple ALU Circuit Project in 3 parts:

VHDL Simple ALU Circuit(part 1) -> ALU Layout/Operations, Adder, Subber and Incrementation/Decrementation Components

VHDL Simple ALU Circuit(part 2) -> Multiplicator and Comparator Component

VHDL Simple ALU Circuit(part 3) -> Logical Operation (NOT, AND, OR, XOR), Structuring/Combining and Simulation/Testing

Simple FPGA Design using Quartus in VHDL -> Simple FPGA Design

Implementing modulo2 multiplication of line with matrix Project:

How to write simple RAM in VHDL -> Ram architecture, simple ram implementation

How to write simple ROM in VHDL -> Rom architecture, simple rom implementation

Implementing modulo2 multiplication of line with matrix in VHDL (part1) -> problem, analysis, software model, architecture  

Implementing modulo2 multiplication of line with matrix in VHDL (part2) -> how our architecture works , steps, step 1  

Implementing modulo2 multiplication of line with matrix in VHDL (part3) -> step 2  

Implementing modulo2 multiplication of line with matrix in VHDL (part4) -> final step (3)

     More such projects are in plan, but I will try to post them in standards by creating github repositories for each of them. Also, Verilog (or SystemVerilog as some call it), might also be a nice little HDL programming series, which will be similar to the VHDL series. Lastly, VLSI Design or even Computer Architecture are also in my list for "Hardware"-Stuff...


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     In this category are programming posts in C and Java that have to do with Inter-process or Inter-network communication. I use Linux for the C posts and get into everything you need to get started with Socket programming. In Java we simply get into how the Java Networking API works in some simple examples. I also started with Distributed algorithms using MPI, which is something that I want to get back to soon :)


C Processes in Linux -> fork() mainly

C Threads in Linux -> pthreads library

C Process/Thread Synchronization in Linux -> Critical Section, Sync. Algorithms, Semaphores

C Inter-Process Communication in Linux -> Shared Memory, Pipes and Message Queues

C Signals and Signal Handling in Linux -> Signals, Signal Handling

C Classic Synchronization Problems in Linux -> Producer-Consumer, Readers-Writers, Dining Philosophers

C Sockets in Linux -> TCP and UDP Sockets, Libraries and Datatypes

C Server-Client Communication in Linux -> Server-Client Implementation/Communication

C Server-Client Kinds in Linux -> Kinds of Clients/Servers, Full-On Example


Java Threads and Synchronization -> Java Threads, synchronized

Java Sockets and Server-Client Communication -> Sockets, server-client programm


Distributed algorithm for Routing (Toueg) -> an introduction to distribution, MPI and also a implementation of Toueg's Routing algorithm using MPI

     More algorithms implemented using MPI (and maybe even as comparison with threads also) are about to come out and I'm also thinking of getting into actual Network(ing) theory!


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     This category is all about maths...Here we get into all the basic and more advanced concepts of many different branches of math. I know that many of you hate and/or are scared of math, but I will try to make everything seem as simple as possible, so that you only get to know what you actually need. Through this you will be able to these advanced mathematics in Physics and mainly Game Design/Development, which needs advanced Maths/Physics if you want to will also get into how we use it in computer science or information technology Code everything on your own!

Let's split the posts based on the branch... 

Linear Algebra:

Linear Algebra Introduction -> Tables and Linear Systems

Linear Algebra Gauss Method -> Gauss Method

Linear Algebra Inverse Matrix and Determinants -> Gauss-Jordan for finding Inverse Matrix, DeterminantsLinear Algebra Vector Spaces -> Vector Spaces

Linear Algebra Combinations and Independence -> Combinations and Independence

Linear Algebra System Examples -> Linear System Examples

Linear Algebra Functions -> Functions

Linear Algebra Function Matrix and Special Cases -> Function Matrix and Special Cases

Linear Algebra Eigenvalues and eigenvectors -> Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors

Linear Algebra Function Examples -> linear function examples

Mathematical Analysis:


Mathematical Analysis Introduction (Functions) -> Functions, Operations, Basics

Mathematical Analysis Functions II -> Monotony, Extremum, Categories

Mathematical Analysis Limits and Continuity -> Limits, Continuity

Mathematical Analysis Continuity II -> more stuff about Continuity

Mathematical Analysis Limit Solving Examples (with roots) -> Limit examples with roots mainly

Mathematical Analysis Derivatives -> Derivatives, Rules, common functions

Mathematical Analysis Differentiation Theorems -> Fermat, Rolle, Mean value, L'Hospital, ...

Mathematical Analysis Indefinite and Riemann Integrals -> Indefinite-definite Integral Properties

Mathematical Analysis Integration by Substitution Technique -> Substitution Technique

Mathematical Analysis Integration by Parts Technique -> by Part Integration

Mathematical Analysis Integration Techniques for Rational Functions -> Rational function integration

Mathematical Analysis Integration Techniques for Trigonometric Functions -> Trigonometric function integration

Mathematical Analysis Integral Applications and Examples -> Area, Volume, Length of Curve

Mathematical Analysis Sequence Basics -> Sequence, bounding, monotony

Mathematical Analysis Subsequences and Convergence -> Subsequences and Convergence

Mathematical Analysis Special Sequences and Divergence -> Special Sequences and Divergence

Mathematical Analysis Series Basics -> Series basics

Mathematical Analysis Series Convergence Tests -> Series convergence

Mathematical Analysis Series Convergence Examples -> examples using the tests of the previous post

Mathematical Analysis Power Series -> Power Series generally

Mathematical Analysis Taylor and Maclaurin Series -> Taylor and Mclaurin Power Series

Mathematical Analysis Fourier Series -> Fourier series


Mathematical Analysis Vectors, Lines and Planes -> what the title says

Mathematical Analysis Advanced Plane Types -> Plane Types

Mathematical Analysis Multivariable and Vector Functions -> Multi-Val and Vector Functions

Mathematical Analysis Partial Derivatives -> Partial derivatives

Mathematical Analysis Directional Derivatives -> Directional derivatives

Mathematical Analysis Total Differential -> Total differential and does f exist with such df

Mathematical Analysis Double and Multiple Integrals -> double and multiple integrals

Mathematical Analysis Surface and Contour Integrals -> Surface, contour integrals, polar coords, jacobi, theorems

Mathematical Analysis Multivariable examples -> examples of everything we did with multiple variables

Differential equations:

Differential equations Introduction -> definition, applications

Ordinary first-order Differential equations (part 1) -> types, separable, homogeneous, exact

Ordinary first-order Differential equations (part 2) -> linear n-order, linear, Bernoulli and Riccati first-order

First-order Differential equation exercises -> exercises

Linear second-order Differential equations with constant coefficients -> linear second-order with const coeffs

Euler, Wronsky and Canonical linear second-order Differential equations -> euler, wronsky, lagrange

Second-order Differential equation exercises -> exercises

Laplace method for solving Differential equations -> laplace method

Differential equation exercises for the Laplace method -> exercises


Collaborative posts that fit to more then one category...

Linear Algebra Method for solving Differential Equations -> table method for solving simple ODE's

All about...:

      In these gigantic posts I explain everything about some topic of Maths that may habe been covered as a series already or not!

All about Complex numbers -> complex number theory in depth
One such article in plan has to do with Trigonometry!

Branches of math that I'm thinking of covering are:

  • Signals and Systems
  • Number Theory
  • Probability
  • Statistics
  • Arithmetic Methods
  • ...


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    In this category we get into different Branches of Physics. For each branch there is lot's of theory explained in an in-depth way and even posts that contain only examples/exercises for the different concepts, theorems and so on (which I might change from now on though...). This means that you will understand everything easily and will also know how to apply it on very descriptive problems! 


Physics Introduction -> what is physics?, Models, Measuring

Vector Math and Operations -> Vector mathematics and operations (actually mathematical analysis, but I don't got into that before-hand :P)

Classical Mechanics

Rectlinear motion

Velocity and acceleration in a rectlinear motion -> velocity, accelaration and averages of those

Rectlinear motion with constant accelaration and free falling -> const accelaration motion and free fall

Rectlinear motion with variable acceleration and velocity relativity -> integrations to calculate pos and velocity, relative velocity

Rectlinear motion exercises -> examples and tasks in rectlinear motion

Plane motion

Position, velocity and acceleration vectors in a plane motion -> position, velocity and accelaration in plane motion

Projectile motion as a plane motion -> missile/bullet motion as a plane motion

Smooth Circular motion -> smooth circular motion theory

Plane motion exercises -> examples and tasks in plane motions

Newton's laws

Force and Newton's first law -> force, 1st law

Mass and Newton's second law -> mass, 2nd law

Newton's 3rd law and mass vs weight -> mass vs weight, 3rd law, friction

Applying Newton's Laws -> free-body diagram, point equilibrium and 2nd law applications

Contact forces and friction -> contact force, friction

Dynamics of Circular motion -> circular motion dynamics, applications

Object equilibrium and 2nd law application examples -> examples of object equilibrium and 2nd law applications

Contact force and friction examples -> exercises in force and friction

Circular dynamic and vertical circle motion examples -> exercises in circular dynamics

Advanced Newton law examples -> advanced (more difficult) exercises 

Will get back to finish off this branch soon!


Electric field and charges

Getting into Electromagnetism -> electromagnetim, electric charge, conductors, insulators, quantization

Coulomb's law with examples -> Coulomb's law, superposition principle, Coulomb constant, how to solve problems, examples

Electric fields and field lines -> Electric fields, Solving problems around Electric fields and field lines

Electric dipoles -> Electric dipole, torque, potential and field

Electric charge and field Exercises -> examples in electric charges and fields

Electric flux

Electric flux and Gauss's law -> Electric flux, Gauss's law

Applications of Gauss's law (part 1) -> applying Gauss's law, Gauss applications

Applications of Gauss's law (part 2) -> more Gauss applications

Electric flux exercises -> examples in electric flux and Gauss's law

Electric potential

Electric potential energy -> explanation of work-energy, electric potential energy

Calculating electric potentials -> more stuff about potential energy, potential, calculating potentials

Equipotential surfaces and potential gradient -> Equipotential surface, potential gradient

Millikan's Oil Drop Experiment -> Millikan's experiment, electronvolt

Cathode ray tubes explained using electric potential -> cathode ray tube explanation

Electric potential exercises (part 1) -> applications of potential

Electric potential exercises (part 2) -> applications of potential gradient, advanced examples


Capacitors (Condensers) and Capacitance -> Capacitors, capacitance, calculating capacitance

How to solve problems around Capacitors -> combination, solving problems, simple example

Electric field energy and density -> Electric field energy, energy density

Dielectric materials -> Dielectrics, dielectric constant, permittivity and strength, how to solve problems

Electric capacitance exercises -> examples in capacitance, energy density and dielectrics

Current, resistance and EMF

Electric current -> Electric current, current density

Electrical resistivity and conductivity -> Electrical resistivity, conductivity, thermal coefficient of resistivity, hyperconductivity

Electric resistance -> Resistance, temperature, resistors

Electromotive Force (EMF) and Internal resistance -> Electromotive force, internal resistance

Power and Wattage of Electronic Circuits -> Power in general, power/wattage of electronic circuits

Electric current, resistance and emf exercises -> exampes in all those topics

Direct current (DC) circuits

Resistor Combinations -> Resistor combinations, how to solve problems

Kirchhoff's laws with applications -> Kirchhoff's laws, how to solve problems, applications

Electrical measuring instruments -> what are they?, types list, getting into some of them, an application

Electronic circuits with resistors and capacitors (R-C) -> R-C Circuit, charging, time constant, discharging, how to apply

RC circuit exercises -> examples in Kirchhoff, charging, discharging capacitor with/without internal resistance

Magnetic field and forces

Magnetic fields -> Magnetism, Magnetic field

Magnetic field lines and Gauss's law of Magnetism -> magnetic field lines, mono- and dipoles, Flux, Gauss's law of magnetism

The motion of charged particles inside of a magnetic field -> straight-line, spiral and helical particle motion

Applications of charged particle motion -> CERN, Cyclotrons, Synchrotrons, Cavity Magetron, Mass Spectrometry and Magnetic lens

Magnetic force applied on Current-Carrying Conductors -> magnetic force on current-carrying conductors/wires, proofs

Magnetic force and torque applied on current loops (circuits) -> magnetic force on current loops, magnetic moment and torque

Explaining the Physics behind Electromotors -> tesla, history and explaining the physics behind them

Magnetic field exercises -> examples in magnetic force, magnetic flux, particle motion and forces/torque on current-carrying conductors

Magnetic field sources

Magnetic field of a moving charged particle -> moving charge, magnetic field, force between parallel charged particles

Magnetic field of current-carrying conductors -> magnetic field of current, Biot-Savart law

Force between parallel conductors and the magnetic field of a current loop-> force between parallel conductors, magnetic field of current loop

Ampere's law and Applications -> Ampere's law, applications

Magnetic materials -> Magnetic materials, classification and types, material examples

Displacement current -> Displacement current, Extension of Ampere's law

Exercises in Magnetic field sources -> examples all around magnetic field sources

Electromagnetic Induction

Electromagnetic Induction and Faraday's law -> Electromagnetic Induction, Experiments, Faraday's law

Motional Electromotive Force (Emf) -> Motional Emf, Faraday's law and motional emf, generalization

Lenz's law and Induced Electric fields -> Lenz's law, Induced Electric Fields

Eddy Currents and Applications -> Εddy currents, applications (brakes, testing, others)

Maxwell's equations -> What they are, each equation analyzed separately

Electromagnetic Induction exercises -> examples all around Electromagnetic Induction

Mutual and Self Induction

Mutual Inductance -> Mutual Inductance, applications

Self Induction -> Self Induction, Lenz's law, Inductance of a Coil

Magnetic Energy Density -> Energy stored in a magnetic field (or inductor), Magnetic energy density, Coaxial Cable Inductance Example

R-L circuits -> R-L circuit energizing, de-energizing, Characteristic time constant

L-C circuits -> L-C circuit, oscillations, energy cases, applications

R-L-C circuits -> R-L-C circuit, oscillation, applications

Mutual and Self Induction exercises -> examples all around Mutual and Self Induction

Alternating current

Getting into Alternating current -> Phasor diagrams, Alternating current, Average (RMS) current and voltage, Differences, Advantages/Disadvantages

Electric Reactance in AC circuits -> Resistors, Inductor and Capacitor Reactance in AC circuits

Series R-L-C circuits Impedance -> Series R-L-C circuits, Phasor Diagrams, Impedance

Power in AC circuits -> DC Resistive circuit, Power in AC circuits (resistive, reactive), Power Factor

Resonance in Series R-L-C circuits -> Series R-L-C circuit, Series Resonance

Resonance in Parallel R-L-C circuits -> Parallel R-L-C circuit, Parallel Resonance

AC Transformers -> How they work, Configurations, Types, Voltage and Current Transformer

Alternating current exercises -> examples all around Alternating current

Electromagnetic waves

Electromagnetic Wave Introduction -> Electromagnetic waves, velocity, wave equation

Sine waves and EM wave energy -> Sine waves, energy density, EM wave power, Poynting vector, Radiation pressure / Energy momentum

Electromagnetic waves in matter -> Propagation, Angular distribution, polarization and scattering, Interaction with Conductors, Plasma and Dielectrics

Standing Electromagnetic waves -> Standing waves in general, Standing EM waves

Electromagnetic Spectrum -> Electromagnetic Spectrum, Kinds of Radiation/Light, Applications in Astronomy

Antenna Radiation Patterns -> Antennas (theory), Antenna Properties, Radiation Patterns

Electromagnetic wave exercises -> examples all around EM waves

     One final "All about"-article remains and than then everything that I wanted to do with this branch has been done :)

More branches in plan are:

  • Classical Mechanics (getting back to it to finish off)
  • Thermodynamics
  • Relativity
  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Optical Physics
  • Atomic and Molecular Physics
  • Particle Physics
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Cosmology (Astrophysics)

Writing a simple Compiler on my own


  This is a series where I write my own compiler for a simple C-like language using the C-tools Flex and Bison and explaining any compiler theory needed in between! This series takes up a lot of time and so posts are very rare.

Introduction -> What is a compiler, what you have to know and what you will learn

A simple C Language -> Simplified C, comparison with C, tokens, basic structure

Lexical Analysis using Flex -> Theory, Regular Expressions, Flex, Lexer

Symbol Table (basic structure) ->Why Symbol Tables, Basic Implementation

Using Symbol Table in the Lexer -> Flex and Symbol Table combination

Syntax Analysis Theory -> Syntax Analysis, grammar types and parsing

Bison basics -> Bison tutorial actually

Creating a grammar for our Language -> Grammar and first Parser

Combine Flex and Bison -> lexer and parser combined 

The posts that will follow will have to do with:

  • passing information from the lexer to the parser (and fixing some stuff)
  • finishing of the grammar/parser (more rules)
  • Semantic analysis (predicates, more about the symbol table)
  • Abstract syntax tree (intermediate code)
  • Machine code generation (MIPS Assembly)

After that we can also do Optimizations, Extensions and more if you like :) 

I'm about to revive this series soon :P


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I also post random stuff sometimes...

For example the posts following talk about my opinions on Cryptocurrency :)

My Opinions on the whole Crypto Bear Market -> My history with crypto, what I trade, the bear market, steem

STEEM up 45% - What's next? -> state of the cryptosphere, questions you should ask yourself, advices 

And lot's and lot's of coffee and vacation articles...

What's next?

Other new "series" that are in plan are:

  • Web Development series in HTML, CSS, Javascript, php and SQL, under a new Category called "Web Dev"
  • The languages C#, Python, ... under Programming
  • Artificial intelligence -> Theory and Programming implementation, which means that this series might be a part of "Programming"
  • Parallel programming in OpenMP, CUDA, OpenCL, ..., maybe in a new category of "Parallel Programming", but we will see
  • Databases for the Web Dev series
  • Game development in Unity (that's why C# is in this list) or Unreal Engine

And this is actually it for this article and I hope that you enjoy such Recaps!

C ya tomorrow with something new! :)

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