Is this what I really want?

Like many people out there, I had an underlying fear of being alone. Ask yourself the same question you asked me. "Why should I be with someone?" Like when I pondered the same question, the answer can both scare and excite you. Because it makes you think about the reality of the situation.Don't panic. You are not alone. Finding a partner, starting a relationship, having a relationship, eventually getting married, buying a dog, having a child, taking out a mortgage seems to be the social norm.


The storm of expectation that hangs over most of us saves us from the responsibility of asking ourselves, "Do I really want this?" For the most part, our parents indirectly planted this seed of expectation in our heads when we were children. And without conscious awareness, most of us never find ourselves in a situation where we find ourselves needing to ask ourselves this question.

Seeks a relationship with someone who, for some reason, seems superficially attractive to them, and either the relationship fails, or they maintain the relationship until one of them can no longer bear to live with the other, or they maintain the relationship until they die. increase. I wish I had the courage to hate for the rest of our lives and make better choices when we were younger.

When a relationship doesn't work out or one person can't stand living together anymore, we usually jump straight to dating sites, get introduced by friends, or seek safety in the company of new acquaintances. No, because the interest is right in front of you and inevitably repeats the process in some way from the beginning. When those relationships fail, it either doesn't maintain relationships, doesn't get married together, doesn't have a partner, or lives up to societal expectations vaguely alluded to by many others in the network. Whether we do or not, we feel that we have failed. As explained in points 1 and 2.

I've already heard some readers say that the last few paragraphs are very bad. This post is completely anti-relevant, but it's definitely not anti-relevant, just the opposite.

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