Testing latest React API: React Hook

Testing out React (v16.8.0-alpha) Latest API

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React Hooks

Take note that React Hooks are still in Alpha.

Sample code

React Hooks are available for functional component which are a "replacement" for react state in class component.

Using useState() you can create an array, where the first item in the array is the state, and the second item is a function to set the state.

Read more about React useState()

What makes hook really awesome is useEffect() function, because it replace 3 lifecycle hooks of react class component (componentDidMount, componentWillUnmount() & componentDidUpdate)

Read more about React useEffect()

Ultimately, with React Hooks, you are able to write even less codes and in a more functional approach.

Live version

Live version of the site is at https://superoo7.github.io/react-16.8.0-alpha/

The source code is on GitHub, which includes another few latest API (React.Suspense, Context API and Hooks)

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