Coincidence? I think not.

Crybaby2 cropped.jpg

I have been planning this series since February and due to some life stuff, I got busy so the creation has been slow since then. NFTs suddenly exploded during that time and I had to do some interviews with the press, be a speaker in my previous university, present in the biggest art fair in the Philippines, arrange with my exhibition in Paris, do some exhibit and collabs with some of my NFT friends too. It was pretty busy back then so even though I was so pumped with this series, it had to be slowed down.

My Crybabiez series is so special to me. It was the first time I've been so pumped and comfortable with a project of mine.

Getting back on track

After all those busy stuff that happened, I also moved out of my parents' house... So I had a LOT of adjustments to do. I had to learn a lot of things at the same time like cooking, taking care of the pets, managing my time, budgeting my meals, doing all alone, managing my meals, etc.. you know adulting stuff that I never learned.

I am slowly being able to adjust though I haven't been fully back on track yet.

Released another work for the series

I have recently released the fourth work for my series and planning on just slowly releasing it until completed.

Just yesterday though I saw another artist just launched the same series name, same title format, same price, and released on the same platform that made me think that wasn't a coincidence. There's so many other series concept but why release the same thing when I'm not even done yet with my series?

It made me frustrated that I haven't even done adjusting to the new place yet, and it feels like I have to rush to finish my Crybabiez series just cos someone else just released the same thing.

This artist has more followers than me. Even more frustrating that she/he/they got more attention and exposure than me. I don't want to call the artist a "copycat" but that my suspicions just really is high cos she's also following me on Twitter.

It's not illegal or anything, just frustrating to see someone else do the same thing when I'm not even done with mine yet.

I mean how hard is it to think of a new concept?

Have to finish it soon

Anyway, I will just have to finish this series and hopefully it works out as intended.

Hopefully, I will have more exposure to it cos the concept/series is really important to me as I have found it as my weapon using art... :/

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