Ragnarok Update


Hello Hivers! We wanted to quickly announce that the claim drop website will be up soon for Ragnarok, an NFT play-to-earn game coming to Hive!

The claim drop website will be very straightforward, you enter your posting key (or use keychain), and you click claim. We grabbed the opportunity to piggyback off of the SPK Network snapshot.

We have seen the communities eagerness to get their claim drop. So to speed up the process, we are going to drop fungible Ragnarok Claim Tokens (RCT), and when the NFTs go live, you can claim one NFT per token.

The NFT you get with your RCTs will be random, there is no way to know what you will get before you claim, you could get the rarest King or the most common Pawn, it's purely luck of the draw. As stated, RCTs will be fungible, so people can use the time between the claim tokens and the NFT live launch to choose what they want to do.

We are pushing to get RCTs live asap so you can start early on your Ragnarok adventure!

A quick progress report.

ART/NFT - 90% complete. (nonfunctional NFTs will launch first, the game launches after where you can then battle your NFTs)

Game - 70% complete until the first test net. This test net is not the year-long one, and there will need to be a community vote on when to launch the year-long test net, then another vote for the game to go live. Until then, we will have community testing in a free reign type mode. (final graphics, sounds, and convenience mechanics come after test net)

There will be 3.3 Million NFTs total in the claim drop representing 100% of the total supply. These NFTs represent cards that can be used to battle in Ragnarok. Each deck requires 10 cards, and of the 10 cards, you will need to have 6 class types slotted. You will need 1 King, 1 Queen, 1 Bishop, 1 Knight, 1 Rook & 5 Pawns to have a complete deck.

In the meantime, we aim to keep you up to date on everything going on. You may have noticed that Ragnarok does not have an official logo yet. There is a very good reason for this, we want YOU to make it! Yes, any of you artistically gifted Hivers have a chance to compete in a Community Logo Contest! There will be a nice 1st place prize with many other goodies sprinkled in. Stay tuned for that announcement tomorrow!

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