🚀Mission Control Mondays with CarrieAllen🚀 - Radio Show!

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That's right all you beautiful Steemians! I'm starting my very own 2-hour live radio show!

I'm exceptionally excited about this. Like.... EXCEPTIONALLY. 🤩

I've been dreaming of hosting my own show for some time now. Recently, I started doing Coffee Talk with Carrie and Carrie's Crypto Corner, both are super fun for me (though it's been about a week.... I blame Omm Sety this time 😏 ). I'm so darn tickled that @sircork invited me to have my own show. He doesn't know it- but I LOVE to talk. LOL! 😆

Let's get all those details, shall we?


In the United States? Here are my show times:

  • MONDAYS 5 PM Pacific
  • MONDAYS 7 PM Central
  • MONDAYS 8 PM Eastern

Where to Watch, Listen and Participate:


Possible topics...

Your guess is as good as mine. 😎 Though I DO really like the name and the possibilities of using excessively nerdy space terms and sounds to tie things together, I'm not looking at locking in on something too specific.

And actually, FUN FACT: The color I used for the text in my cover photo is actually the color of the Universe. For real. It's fff8e7, if you were wondering. 🤓

I got ideas. A LOT of 'em. Here's what I'm thinking...Weird news, Steemit news, crypto news, my thoughts on life, plants, unicorns (they are totally real), cats, food (specifically bacon), special guests, Steemian music, my own little ditties, games, giveaways, collaborations. See? It could be anything.

Our options are to the moon!!!

See what I did there? 😎

I suppose that's it. I hope to see all your shining (avatar) faces tomorrow! You should totally pop in. You may learn something. Well, something inherently useless, but something. 😅

Until then...

I'll be working on some more Coffee Talk episodes. Mermaids and beer rivers are on deck (not simultaneously). Stay Tuned!

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As always, thanks for stopping by!

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