"White woman" is "Hate Speech" according to YouTube

This is my first piece on Steemit-- and I'm not thrilled about switching over from YouTube and Facebook-- not because I have any particular love for them-- They are crap-factories, rotting minds-- brainwashing family members and former friends-- and quite possibly ruining lives. You'd be better off dunking your head in a vat of hydrochloric acid than spending your life on that shit-show. That said, I have always believed it preferable to get the message out in the public square-- and for better or worse, CrapTube and Fuckbook have been the public square for many years now. However, it seems the digital clown-hook has come to boot us off the stage-- and so here I am on Steemit.

In this case, the "offending" video is a 15 minute subsection of a Facebook livestream which I made at the Berkeley protests in California six months ago. YouTube flagged the video for hate speech-- and I appealed and lost. The main exchange is between InfoWars' Millie Weaver and a handful of predominantly minority female students. From the best I can tell, the "hate speech" is the following phrase: "I'm not going to listen to a white woman try to tell me what reality is."

For the record-- I am critical of Millie/ InfoWars and Alex Jones throughout, while supporting their right to talk about gay frogs or any other crazy stuff that pops into their heads, and do my best to maintain civility. If you skip to the last minute of the video, I even call Alex Jones out for claiming to be a performance artist like Vermin Supreme-- and that went out over their livestream. (Keep your eyes open for the Vermin 2016 doc, which I directed.)

The banned segment is between the 2 hour mark and 2:15:00
The potentially "offensive" phrase happens at 2:04:18
Millie is the one with the red shirt and blonde braided hair.



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