What is 21st century bullying?



First of all, holy crap, Nikole Hanna-Jones is finally right about something.

Second of all, out of the gate, the media were rather sloppy at reporting this. Most importantly, even though an unidentified bystander said that the young woman said, "Stay in your hood." the only person who could be heard saying this in the video was Fredrick Joseph.

Finally, Joseph is the bully here. Who do you think was more afraid during the altercation, the big man or the small woman? Who is the real victim here, the woman who allegedly said something insensitive during an altercation; or, the published author and public figure who, instead of having his feelings hurt and left it at that, decided to spend the time and effort to get her fired?

Joseph posted a video after she got fired calling this incident a "learning lesson." Well, there is a lesson to be learned: this is what bullying in the 21st century looks like. When I was a kid, the bullies tried to assert strength and dominance over the presumably weaker kids. Now, that's not good enough. The bullies are the people who are best at pretending to be weak so that we'll swarm against the real victims.

Joseph said in his video that it was a shame that she had to lose her job. He knows that that's bullshit. She didn't have to lose her job. She lost her job because you could have been a man and dealt with it yourself without crying to the internet and her employers; but, instead, you decided that your victim status was more important than this woman's livihood.

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