Murder suspect in custody but mugshots not shown on most sites bc suspect is black

A 2019 murder of a 19 year old who happened to be the son of a Sheriff has finally gotten their suspects in custody. Details are shady as to what lead to the shooting, but the thing that infuriates me is the coverage and how it is being handled by most news outlets.

Despite the fact that both of the "suspects" are adults, you have to search really hard in order to find a picture of them. Instead the articles feature the picture of the victim and his father.


The shooting happened near Charlotte, which is ages from here and I tend to believe the people over there do not share the same ideals as we do over here on the Eastern part of the state. Mostly, we would prefer they stay over there.

The articles will show the above image and then they go on to talk about who the suspects are and it immediately became clear to me why they didn't include an image or mugshot of the suspects. One of their names is Dashawn Partlow. See where I am going with this yet? The reason why they didn't post the image is not because the suspect is a minor, he is not - he is 26 years old now. The reason they didn't post the picture is because he is black. Full disclosure: The other suspect is white and also was not featured in the same articles.

took me 10 websites to finally find one with a mugshot and it was buried deep in the article and was NOT the main image

If the situation had been reversed and a white guy had shot a black man, you can bet the farm that this image would be an image that would be all over the internet far and wide, but since we are dealing with a black guy, nah, we can't put that in the news - that would encourage racism. If the situation was reversed, every politician with a D next to their name would use the situation as an example of white supremacy and how racism is rampart in our country. BLM protests would pop up all over the place, vigils and monuments would be built. It's all a load of crap.

I recall how they were going to stop releasing CCTV footage in, I think it was San Francisco when crimes were committed out of fear that it would "promote racism."

All races are capable of crimes, no one is innocent but this thing that they are doing right now where they don't put a picture of the suspect because he is black is just a bunch of nonsense.

So are they trying to say that posting the image of a person who shot someone is racist despite the fact that they actually are the person involved? Are they afraid that the cancel culture mob will come after them if they post his image? I don't like to swear a lot but fuck off with that junk.

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