Rabona Player Contest #3: And the Winner is.......


Congratulations to @danewilliams

The Rabona jury has decided for your comment and you will receive your new team mate soon. Enjoy him and good luck in the current and upcoming season(s)!

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After Will FC management went off the rails, the club was forced to release all players and dropped all the way down to the bottom of League 3.

The once proud community club had been hijacked by a distracted, incompetent board.

Will FC's darkest days were upon us.

But with a full board cleanout and a 100 million RBN cash injection from ownership at the beginning of season 42, the rebuild was on.

Their early mandate was to immediately build the infrastructure required to make Will FC a profitable venture.

Building the club's stadium, shop and catering infrastructure was prioritised over results.

A ragtag team of cheap, misfit free agents were signed and the club's League 3 season 42 campaign was everything ownership wanted to see and more.

The players got the job done on the pitch, winning the league and earning promotion to League 2.

But it was in the club's infrastructure improvements that saw a real difference starting to be made.

Season 43 came and went, seeing Will immediately relegated back to League 3.

With a mandate to keep wages manageable, the team just couldn't compete on the pitch and the fans knew the club's fate was clear from opening day.

But patience was afforded the club as the bigger picture was clear and with ownership now completely on board, Will FC are sitting on the cusp of something special.

Just take a look at the financials from the end of season 41 when the cash injection and rebuild began, to now:

Will FC financials chart.
Will FC financials chart.
The club now has the infrastructure at a level where money can start to be diverted into player wages.

Finally, with the club once again on the cusp of promotion back to League 2, it's time for the club's rebuild to move from off the pitch to the playing squad itself.

As a result, Will FC would like to offer star youngster Ugur Dimir the chance to become the centrepiece signing for the club's season 45 League 2 campaign.

If Ugur decides to sign with the club at the proposed wage, then we could offer:

The chance to continue to improve defensively
Money WILL be injected to improve the squad overall
Guaranteed League 2 football in season 45
Could be part of a club on the cusp of something special
The lad obviously has a big career decision that only he alone can make.

But from our perspective, the decision looks clear cut.

Sign on that dotted line, Ugur.

Player stats again

More contest to follow soon Rabona guys

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