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My one and only brother, Richard Schuylar Arnold, taught me to have adventures, to go outside, to do things, to go to the store, to go places, when I was ten years old, in 1995, in Oregon, as he was always 3 years older than me.


Around that time, we started talking about making movies, videos, someday. We started dreaming about that. I wrote a movie script and we began filming an hour-long Power Rangers parody film in 1996.


Ricky introduced me to Nintendo, Jeopardy, to being smart, to Carmen San Diego, to the Internet. In the early 90's, my older siblings, Ricky and Katie, would beat the tougher Mario Bros levels.

My older siblings, Katie and Ricky, around 1982.
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Never too early to learn baseball.
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Baseball | Playing Drums 1988

Ricky trying to push Katie
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Nervous Ricky & cleaver Katie
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Halloween in the 1980's
Halloween 80's

Summer of 1985: best friends forever
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1989: Meeting Small Wonder
Small Wonder

Halloween 1993: Detective Dick Tracy Ricky
Halloween 1993: Detective Dick Tracy Ricky

Ricky Raccoon


1993-1994: 6th grade: age 11
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Fall of 1995: Neil Armstrong Middle School
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Fall of maybe 1998: senior year
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Ricky's Ministry: Ministry of the Cross

In 2018, Ricky & Maria went back to her home country, Honduras, to begin full-time ministry in sharing the eternal gospel of Judeo-Christianity, found in Ephesians 2:7-10, that you can be saved if you ask Jesus, our Creator Savior, who is God, to forgive you of your sins, to make you into a new creature.


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