Hello Hive, I am Dad! | Welcome little Matthew!


What a fun and interesting time it has been for me. I can finally say I am a dad. Still getting used to that. Still getting used to saying I have a little family now. Still getting used to my little baby... So many new things and I am in love with all of them.

As some of you know we were expecting our little one and he finally came on the 27th of January, at around 7:57 PM. Weighing in at 3.8kg with all ten fingers and ten toes. Happy. Healthy.

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The first few days were no fun at all. Here in Korea, there is a mom aftercare center. Basically, a hotel for mom after she gave birth. This includes all your meals and mom to be activities/training. The perfect time for mom to rest, medical attention only a call away, and the opportunity to learn the basics. A rather costly affair but one well worth it.

During this time I was only allowed to visit the hospital where little Matthew was being kept once a day, facetime with Matthew for about 2 minutes. With Covid rules in full swing, I was only able to see him for a very short time while he is safe asleep on the other side of the glass. This did however mean that I can only hold him after mom comes home from the aftercare center and I can finally have my family at home. A very long wait indeed...




Finally a visit where he was awake!

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After we could finally bring him home we were both a little anxious and scared, but we were ready for whatever comes our way. Low and behold, we gave birth to a little angel! (I know every parent might think their kid is an angel, but ours really is!) He almost never cries. The routine was simple. He sleeps. He wakes up, makes a few grunts and starts moving a bit, farts, and then poops. After a quick diaper change and some feeding time he is straight to sleep again. In all honesty, I think I can count the total times he cried on my two hands.

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The first time I hear him cry was with bath time, although I blame myself here as I think the water wasn't hot enough for him. Lesson learned and the other bath time went much better. One step at a time. =)

As you can see he is not the biggest fan of bath time and I can totally understand. Now for us bath time is a quick exercise but I could not help but take a few pictures of him as he pulls the funniest faces while bathing.




It took him a while but he eventually got used to it and relaxed a bit more, this has to be one of my favorite pictures so far.

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Now that it has been around 2 weeks that he has been home I thought it only appropriate to share him with all you here on Hive. It is strange, I know many people always want to show pictures of their kids and I for one didn't mind looking at a few pictures from time to time. But it gets old quick, you know, once you saw a baby you have seen it. Now that I have my own I feel he is different almost every day and I want to share every picture of him, I won't though. I prefer to enjoy him. He has become my new favorite show, I can just watch him for hours...

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Cleaned and fed he is wondering if he should make a quick poop or go to sleep... either way, we are ready!

What a joy he is so far. All my love concentrated in a little bundle...

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