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As many of you know I live and work in South Korea and from time to time I will just have an amazing or terrible day. It all depends on the kids that I teach and their ages normally range from 5-15. There are some good, sad, funny, and bad stories that come from working with kids and teaching them English as a second language and I think I need to get some of them on the chain before I completely forget them. I will not be using their real names but will stick to the same fake name for each of them. Stick around as there will be a few of these!

Story number #1 - He had to go...

I don't remember much from my first week in Korea since it has been years ago that I actually got here, but there is a student I will NEVER forget. Let's call him FRANKY. He was about 5 years old and totally new to the English language. He knew about as much English as I knew Korean. Thus, this was the day he taught me my 3rd ever Korean word. I already knew "hello" and "thank you" since I knew those are crucial just to seem polite from day one.

It was my first day and my first class, I was a nervous wreck. Just I and three 5-year-olds in a little classroom and neither of us could understand each other. As nervous as I was, I was also extremely excited to work with them. We got out our books and started looking at some ABC's. I needed to see if they knew any of the letters, to my surprise they knew some... about 50% or so... So as we were listening and repeating our little Franky suddenly screamed and jumped up!

Now before I go any further I need to tell you a little about little Franky first. He was a pretty big kid for his age, even bigger than most of the 6-year-old. He was fearless and definitely the Alpha of Alphas. He believed that he was the best in everything and that he needs all the attention. He was a very lovable kid, but he was also extremely jealous and needy. He would go out of his way to get a reaction out of you but would also be the first to say sorry if something went wrong or tears were shed... He was a massive troublemaker but with an even bigger heart. Anyways, before I keep rambling on about him. This is how he taught my third Korean word.

So back to our story, sitting there repeating the ABC's Franky suddenly jumped up looked me right in the eye and shouted: "EUNGA!" then opened the door and jolted out. It happened so fast and so out of the blue that I had no idea what to say or do. My first reaction was just to yell stop and then wondered after him. As I turned the corner I saw him running down the hall, holding both his hands under his bum and sprinting towards the bathroom. All while still shouting: "EUNGA, EUNGA, EUNGA!" How it echoed while he was speeding down the hall.

I was puzzled and ran after him just as another Korean teacher popped out of her class and stopped me. I just said: "Franky shouting EUNGA!" She smirked and told me, that is Korean for he has to poop. There I stood with this word and this first few minutes of my class disrupted by Franky darting out of the class because he has to poop. It was cute and funny at the same time so I returned back to class to continue my lesson and wait for him to finish his business.

My third ever word and a memorable experience that I will never forget.

Stick around for some more funny stories about Franky and his friends. There will be quite a few!

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