My Entry: Qurator Tasty Tuesday and Steemit Fruits and Veggies Monday

Lets do the natural way of fighting the pandemic covid19. Prevention is the most necessary measure we have to do. It will come first to boost our immune system.

I'm so lucky that my employer is always buying pure honey. It is one of the most basic needs in the kitchen. They mix it with banana and homemade bread without yeast or baking powder. Lunch is not the same without this recipe. It will be eaten first before eating the main menu like rice or meat. And the last part of their lunch will be eating the fruits. They didn't eat so much rice and meat as well.

This is a pure organic honey with the hive itself. My boss bought it 1000 Saudi Riyal.(250 USD approximately)

Everyday I make different things as my experiment. When I read something new in the internet, I tried and dare doing my own. Many times I am save by lemon and honey when I have tonsilitis, cough and flu. When I have stomach upset I did it too and even in normal days I drink lemon juice all the time.

The big lemon! It is so cheap here and so sad that it is so expensive in my homeland, Philippines, but we have another alternative our own lemonsito/ kalamansi

We can use the tiny fruit of this tree. This is our lemon in the Philippines.

The doctor said its composition is just the same with the lemon. Because lemon is expensive, we can use it too.

This time I made lemon juice with it's the peel. Just wash it throughougly or remove the yellow first layer of the fruit. If you want to include the yellow first layer, please wash it with water and salt/baking soda, just to be safe whatever preservative they used.

Process the lemon and blend it as you desire.. I put three big lemons and the exact amount of water. It became so sticky. Drink it before and after sleeping with warm water.

Sometimes, I'm adding garlic or ginger. If you add ginger, be sure that you are not drinking maintaining medicine. Garlic is also good to lower and thickening of our blood. So, let us be well informed and follow the procedures. I'm not relying on what I heard and read. It is my owned experiences.

After the process, we can add pure honey according to your taste or mix it while you are still blending.

I have not been a corona virus patient but I noticed the social media promoting and suggesting this kind of prevention. So I shared my own experience here. Hopefully, it could help people in a little way. I am not an expert but it is just base on how it worked to my lifestyle every day. I am a chubby kind of 50 years old woman but my laboratory is all normal. Lemon also helps my knee pain. It is a hereditary pain I owe from my grandparent mostly because of hard work almost 24 hours/day.

Dear Lord God, I seek refuge from heaven and earth to bless the people who struggle with the pandemic disease that surrounds the whole world. I have it in my mind that this is just the beginning of the great 7 tribulations. I know what is good or bad a bit sometimes, so many times I failed my life with my weaknesses. Forgive us and guide us and may this cup of bitter lemon will purity the sickness of the people and this situation could purity our soul. To God to be glory and Worship alone without partner. I

This is my entry for @lenasveganliving who is hosting the #steemit #fruitsandveggiesmonday and @qurator tasty Tuesday.

Thank you so much! @qurator @lenasvegasliving @plantstoplank @veganofsteemit @barbara-orenya and @naturalmedicine.

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