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This week for seafood recipe I went for something really easy, with fish I don't ever try to put many ingridients I really like how it taste naturally with to many things added to it!


Here they are the protagonist of the dish, Prawns!
What I did was something akin to the Cacciucco alla livornese.

The ingridients
-tomato sauce
-a pinch of black pepper
-red wine
-olive oil

The variant start right at the first minute because I wanted them not to engraved with the tomato sauce so I grilled them before hand.
3-4 minutes each side

I put the garlic in the boiling oil and then add the tomato sauce, slowfire for 15 minutes


Meanwhile a boiling pot of salted water(1 spoon) was getting ready for the spaghetti.
When the tomato sauce and the olive oil start to separated again and cooking is almost done I put the prawns removed of the head in the sauce.


When I put the prawn in the sauce I raised the flame and added red wine(half glass) and let it evaporate and turned back the fire to a slow flame for 5 more minutes


Take the spaghetti out of the salted boiling water, add them to the sauce and to your taste add, salt and pepper.


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