Sharing something from ancient scriptures of Hinduism/ sanatan dharma

Do u know its meaning! ❄
Lord Shiva said to Devi ( her wife)
O! Dear! It's because of this spell I become Mrityunajaya ( one who is immortal), Swechachari ( one can move to every dimension and every existence lying in this infinite universe. )
Nirvikalp ( free from time and this cycle of death and life)
Jagadhguru ( supreme teacher Guru of cosmos), devdev( god of Numens)

The existence in the state of swaymbhu ( who appear by himself, create his body at his own will ( doesn't born from womb)

He is Sarvagya ( one who knows everything)
He exist in state of Sadashiva. ⭐The post is indeed small but quality of research time injected is far more than information.
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