#QuoteInitiative - Quote your favorite HIVE author!

Hey Hivers!

The bull market is starting to heat up & I believe our grassroots marketing efforts will pay off big time in the future.

We’ve seen many efforts to promote Hive on Twitter, we’re very happy about that.

Today we bring you another call to action that will help us all meet and recognize great Hive authors.


To participate:

  • Quote your favorite HIVE author on Twitter.
  • Add his/her Twitter username and link to his or her Hive posts, example: /@nathanmars/posts.
  • On Twitter use #hive #quoteoftheday #crypto and any other related Hashtags.
  • Put hiveonboard.com in your tweet so newcomers can easily sign up.
  • Comment your Tweet on this post to be eligible for an upvote.

Pro tip: On Peakd.com you can copy and paste the URL of the tweet and it will be embedded.

We will be upvoting the best comments and also checking some of the posts of the best quoted authors. If your recommendation is great we might also check your blog and give some upvotes.

Some of the best quotes will also be retweeted.

COMMUNITY LEADERS please translate this initiative into your language for your community and we will get with you for your help in curation.

Shoutout to @lordbutterfly & @nathanmars for the idea for this initiative.

Have ideas for future initiatives? Reach out to @eddiespino (eddiespino#1698 on Discord) to let him know your ideas and he will relay them to me.

Be sure to follow @hiveangelists for future initiatives.

Image Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/pUAM5hPaCRI

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