Which U.S. President? Quiz day #4

(Update: This quiz is now closed. The next one will be coming up tomorrow.)

Looks like the two previous quizzes were just too easy for @emeka4, who was able to guess Andrew Johnson immediately, and took away his second winnings in a row.

Congratulations for that! The prizes have been sent!

The next one, however, will be much tougher. Now that I know there are people who know their presidents like the back of their hand I'm not going to be giving out easy pickings.

So, on with the show...

Since it will be a more difficult task this time, I think I'll set today's prize at a 100% comment upvote, 250 ecency points and 250 DEC, a LVL1 Splinterlands card, and I'll also put in a 10 HP delegation.

Here's the AI generated image:

There are 46 presidents in the United States. This is one of them.
Your job is to come up with his name. It'll be a lot more difficult to get right this time around.

The first one who gets it right, will get the prize of a 100% comment upvote, 250 Ecency points, 250 DEC, 10 HP delegation, and a Splinterlands card.

This time, the Splinterlands card I'll be giving away is a LVL 1 Chaos Legion Grund.

Click on image for card stats or here for lore.

Have a great time figuring this one out!

See you in the comments!

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