Quarantine Life: Day 57, Doing Something Worthwhile

Source: Pixabay

For many, lockdown is a pain in the neck because they're bored as they're used to the outdoor life. While others find other ways to keep away from boredom, though many has find it an advantage. There are actual ways that can be done during lockdown. Look for what you can do for yourself, and your home. You might need to improve something in your house, then you can do it. Perhaps you can even create your own garden.

Othet people can still work at home, and do voluntary works though online. As we can see, there are many things that we can do, and if we just look upon them, we can spend the quarantine worthwhile.

Coronavirus cases

The number of cases continue to go up with now a global total of 4.17 million. Fatalities already reached 285k, while 1.45 million of them has recovered. United States also has almost 20k new cases, more than 81k fatalities, and 219k recoveries.

Here in the Philippines, confirmed cases already reached 11,086. Fatalities is 726, and recovered cases of 1,999. In our province, no new cases, but some are still under PUM or (Persons Under Monitoring) and PUI (Persons Under Investigation).


Of course, while on lockdown, I accomplished a lot of things. I am able to clean up my room regularly, and some parts of the house. Me and my brother has rearranged things, and fixed some parts of the house too.

Also, I can go on with deaf teaching online. I worked online, and saved some money too. Also, I did gardening, and planted some seeds, and they are growing well. Now that the lockdown will gradually be eased, we are ready for outdoor activities. There might be new normal, but we are looking forward to defeat Covid19.

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