The actions i took that led to positive changes

Hi ecotrain,
This is my story about the actions i took that led to positive changes.
After my graduation from high school, I took some series of exams for college entries for like three(3) to four (4) years but all to no avail.


I was quite younger then, I didn't know the next step to take and the decision to make as at the time. I thought of so many things like going into trading, or learning of being an entrepreneur as a young boy or rather going for an apprentice jobs like, fashion designing, Auto engineer and music school. I was pondering on what to embark on that would be of ease to me and that would make a positive change in my life.

So, three(3) years passed away with nothing to show for. So I decided to take the last exam but I literally said to myself "that if I don't pass this exam there's no way I'm going for college I'll just forget everything about college".
I finally took the exam and fortunately for me I passed, I was the happiest boy then, "laughing". So that decision of taking the last exam before giving up on myself changed my life but that was just a tip of an iceberg. After my years in college I came out with flying colors and I was glad within myself that "wow I finally made it through"


So after my studies in the city of Abeokuta (Ogun State). I decided to stay behind and not go back home town(Lagos state).
I searched for jobs and I got a good job in an hospitality industry an HOTEL. thanks to God and my ex, "smiled".
I worked for like a year and six months buh along the line I got tired of the job because i didn't have time to do other things like my music stuff and my art work as well. So I thought of quitting the job and go back home but then a friend called me and asked if I would like to work in a media firm joyfully I said yes without thinking twice about it, though the pay was not as much as my current job but I was just eager to go for the offer and of course I wanted to resign at my current place of work anyway.

That was the decision I made that changed everything, my life and my career. I quitted the job I was doing then and I went to work in a media firm. That was when I met alot of artist, musician like @NaomiMac, @denrele and a host of them like that.



And I also got the opportunity to improve on my bartending skills as well with the help of my boss @kennymix


I learnt alot of stuffs while I was working in the media firm stuffs like storyboarding, art direction and video editing. So that was a life changing decision for me and I bless God for it everyday.


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