PYPT on Today and the Hive Highlight


A few days ago @guiltyparties posted a community challenge for people to write about their one Hive centered highlight of 2021. I was going to make a separate post and then decided that I’d post about PYPT being on Today (Thursday Dec. 23) and the highlight at the same time.

If you’d like to share you highlight, you should check out his post

First, My Hive Highlight of 2021

Bringing Pimp Your Post Thursday back to Hive was definitely a highlight for me and I hope it was one for other members of the community. I started PYPT in October 2017 and ran it every week until I decided to take a break in early 2020.

I did have a week that PYPT ran without me hosting. I was in surgery at the time it was due to be on. Being the community it is, some people stepped into the breach and the show went on. Thank you to @snook, @bluefinstudios, and @thekittygirl for that.

While PYPT has been my baby it isn’t anything without the participation of the community. The purpose of PYPT is to build community, give people opportunity to share their posts with their peers and to get to know each other on voice and in text.

Several people during the time it was on hiatus talked to me asking if it was coming back. It took me a while to decide the if and the when, but it came back in early October. Since then the participation has grown and it makes me smile when I see people talking about the fun they had and how they appreciate meeting fellow Hivians.

PYPT is currently Hive centered as that is who has been participating. BUT, it’s open for anyone who writes content any where, including their personal blogs, to participate.

That broad view on participation is one of the reasons I brought PYPT to the DreemPort discord instead of The Ramble. It’s in alignment with @dreemsteem’s vision for the DreemPort project.

HINT of the Future: There may be something coming to The Ramble in 2022. I haven’t quite decided the form, but it wont be PYPT. It is cozy where it is.

NOW, PYPT is Happening on Thursday

There has been a bit of uncertainty this week as we’re so close to Christmas if PYPT is going to be on. The answer is HELL YES! Noon (12pm) EST today we’ll be pimping posts of those who care to share.

So, get your highlight written if it’s not done and bring it along to the DreemPort discord server.

I came across some people this week who were interested in PYPT. Let’s see, there’s @ph1102, @liftslikealady, @zekepickleman, @adore-eu, @makerhacks, @selfhelp4trolls, @soumaya98 and of course all the others who have been into PYPT and had some fun.

Feel free to tag others in the comments to remind them it’s on today.

See you in a few hours.


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